Month: December 2009

Movie Review: A Perfect Getaway (2009)

A PERFECT GETAWAY Review by Christopher HaskellDecember 29, 2009 A visually stimulating, subpar suspense-thriller. From the start of the film, you know that you are in for scenic Hawaiian views with twists and turns, both literally and metaphorically. The film wastes no time delving into the rigamarole of the human perception. Almost in a tropical version of Clue, you try to decipher who the … Read More Movie Review: A Perfect Getaway (2009)


Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes (2009)

SHERLOCK HOLMES Review by Christopher HaskellDecember 25, 2009 Sherlock Holmes was never so bad ass. Great performances all around. Robert Downey Jr. obviously carries the film to heights I do not believe any other actor could carry such a film. This part was made for him. Mark Strong stuck out as well. I almost wish he could have been in something a little more … Read More Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes (2009)