Month: March 2011


Proof Review: Faster (2010)

Faster (2010) Movie Review >>>>2.5 Stars<<<< Here’s what “Faster” had going for it before the actual viewing of the film. The trailer made it look like a make-and-model revenge flick, much along the lines of “The Punisher” with Thomas Jane and John Travolta. The trailer presented the film as a “Fast & Furious” with Dwayne Johnson taking over for Vin Diesel as the big man bad ass. What the film ended up possessing was nothing more than Dwayne Johnson being released from jail and generically working down a list of people to murder with a halfhearted homage to “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”.


Proof Review: Love & Other Drugs (2010)

Love & Other Drugs>>>>4 Stars<<<<Romantic comedies have been running rampant recently and the one thing setting “Love & Other Drugs” apart from any other lovie-dovie romantic film released lately was its 'R' rating. That may make me sound like a pervert, but some romantic comedies just do not work with out a certain element. This is where a lot of romantic comedies lose steam, getting a 'PG' or 'PG-13' rating and then coming off like a children's romantic comedy. Take “When in Rome” or “The Bounty Hunter” for example. Had these films delved into the riskier ratings, the films would not feel like bonafide Disney comedies.


Proof Review: Megamind (2010)

Megamind>>>>3 stars<<<<Even with the perfect cast and animated film like-ability, the result does not necessarily spell perfection. “Megamind” is the perfect example of this. Will Ferrell is a laugh-a-minute comedic actor whose voice alone should cause sidesplitting laughter, but there is some element missing from “Megamind” that degrades the overall effect of the film.