This year has been a horror unto itself. The world’s literally on fire, there’s a lunatic in the White House, and a serial killer virus changing life as we know it. In an attempt to escape this waking nightmare, I’ll be challenging myself to watch and review 31 different horror movies throughout the month, tracking my progress along the way. Feel free to join or simply follow along. On my list of things to watch this year are a ton of Stephen King adaptations that I’ve been meaning to rewatch, including “Firestarter” (with the remake being in the news this week), “Silver Bullet,” and “The Dead Zone,” both of which were just released in a Stephen King blu-ray film set. I’m also expecting the Shout Factory release of the Friday the 13th Collector’s Box Set, so expect that to be a highlight throughout the month as well. Within the past year, many horror films have been re-released on 4K and being an avid steelbook collector, I plan on cracking open as many of those releases as possible. From the 4K releases of a handful of Alfred Hitchock’s films like “Psycho” and “Vertigo,” to the new releases of the original “Halloween,” “Evil Dead 1 & 2,” and the Rob Zombie “Firefly” trilogy.