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89th Academy Award Winners

Best Picture “Moonlight” Actor in a Leading Role Casey Affleck – “Manchester By The Sea” Actress in a Leading Role Emma Stone – “La La Land” Actor in a Supporting Role Mahershala Ali – “Moonlight” Actress in a Supporting Role Viola Davis – “Fences” Animated Feature Film “Zootopia” Cinematography “La La Land” – Linus Sandgren Costume Design “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” … Read More 89th Academy Award Winners


88th Academy Award Winners

Listen, I can’t be mad because the same thing happened a few years ago when “12 Years A Slave” won having only won Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress, while “Gravity” had taken home 7 Oscars including Best Directing. So “The Revenant” wins Best Directing, Best Cinematography, and Best Leading Actor, yet does not pull off Best Picture. I do know which film I’ll … Read More 88th Academy Award Winners


87th Academy Award Winners

Proving to be one of the toughest years yet for completing the Oscar Challenge since I started 6 years ago, with life getting in the way in the best possible ways, I was still able to see every film that was readily available to me, viewing 43 of the 45 films nominated and all 15 short films. The two missing films were “Glen Campbell: … Read More 87th Academy Award Winners


86th Academy Awards Winners

This year’s Academy Awards was a testament to the amazing films that were made in 2013 and the best example of that is being able to root for absolutely every film and never feeling bad regardless of the win. Of course there were categories that I was strongly cheering for, like “12 Years A Slave” in Best Picture and “Her” in Best Original Screenplay. … Read More 86th Academy Awards Winners


85th Academy Award Winners

Since most of my votes went with “Lincoln”, my final tally was a little off, but I still got 17 categories right, which I choose to believe is rather good for such an unpredictable year. Although I don’t feel “Argo” was the obvious choice for Best Picture, especially without any acting or directing nominations, I refuse to be bitter about it and will simply … Read More 85th Academy Award Winners


83rd Academy Award Winners