Film titleFilm typeYear of releaseYear of induction
12 Angry MenNarrative feature19572007
13 LakesDocumentary20042014
20,000 Leagues Under the SeaNarrative feature19162016
2001: A Space OdysseyNarrative feature19681991
3:10 to YumaNarrative feature19572012
4 Little GirlsDocumentary19972017
42nd StreetNarrative feature19331998
The 7th Voyage of SinbadNarrative feature19582008
Abbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinNarrative feature19482001
Ace in the HoleNarrative feature19512017
Adam’s RibNarrative feature19491992
The Adventures of Robin Hood±Narrative feature19381995
The African QueenNarrative feature19511994
Airplane!±Narrative feature19802010
AlienNarrative feature19792002
All About EveNarrative feature19501990
All My BabiesDocumentary19532002
All Quiet on the Western FrontNarrative feature19301990
All That Heaven AllowsNarrative feature19551995
All That JazzNarrative feature19792001
All the King’s MenNarrative feature19492001
All the President’s MenNarrative feature19762010
AlluresShort subject/experimental film19612011
AmadeusNarrative feature19842019
America AmericaNarrative feature19632001
American Graffiti±Narrative feature19731995
An American in ParisNarrative feature19511993
Anatomy of a MurderNarrative feature19592012
Annie HallNarrative feature19771992
Antonia: A Portrait of the WomanDocumentary19742003
The ApartmentNarrative feature19601994
Apocalypse Now±Narrative feature19792000
ApplauseNarrative feature19292006
The Asphalt JungleNarrative feature19502008
Atlantic CityNarrative feature19802003
The Atomic CafeDocumentary19822016
The AugustasHome film1930s–1950s2012
The Awful TruthNarrative feature19371996
Baby FaceNarrative feature19332005
Back to the FutureNarrative feature19852007
The Bad and the BeautifulNarrative feature19522002
Bad Day at Black RockNarrative feature19552018
BadlandsNarrative feature19731993
Ball of FireNarrative feature19412016
BambiAnimated narrative feature19422011
The Band WagonNarrative feature19531995
The Bank DickNarrative feature19401992
The BargainNarrative feature19142010
The Battle of San PietroDocumentary19451991
The Battle of the CenturyShort subject19272020
The Beau BrummelsShort subject19282016
Beauty and the BeastAnimated narrative feature19912002
Becky SharpNarrative feature19352019
Before StonewallDocumentary19842019
Being There±Narrative feature19792015
Ben-HurNarrative feature19251997
Ben-HurNarrative feature19592004
Bert Williams: Lime Kiln Club Field DayNarrative feature19132014
The Best Years of Our LivesNarrative feature19461989
Big BusinessShort subject19291992
The Big HeatNarrative feature19532011
The Big Lebowski±Narrative feature19982014
The Big ParadeNarrative feature19251992
The Big SleepNarrative feature19461997
The Big TrailNarrative feature19302006
The BirdsNarrative feature19632016
The Birth of a NationNarrative feature19151992
Black and TanShort subject19292015
The Black PirateNarrative feature19261993
The Black StallionNarrative feature19792002
Blackboard Jungle±Narrative feature19552016
Blacksmith SceneShort subject18931995
Blade RunnerNarrative feature19821993
Blazing SaddlesNarrative feature19742006
Bless Their Little HeartsNarrative feature19842013
The Blood of JesusNarrative feature19411991
The Blue BirdNarrative feature19182004
The Blues BrothersNarrative feature19802020
Body and SoulNarrative feature19252019
Bonnie and Clyde±Narrative feature19671992
Born YesterdayNarrative feature19502012
Boulevard NightsNarrative feature19792017
Boys Don’t CryNarrative feature19992019
Boyz n the HoodNarrative feature19912002
Brandy in the WildernessNarrative feature19692013
BreadShort subject19182020
Breakfast at Tiffany’sNarrative feature19612012
The Breakfast ClubNarrative feature19852016
Bride of FrankensteinNarrative feature19351998
The Bridge on the River KwaiNarrative feature19571997
Bringing Up BabyNarrative feature19381990
Broadcast NewsNarrative feature19872018
Brokeback MountainNarrative feature20052018
Broken BlossomsNarrative feature19191996
A Bronx MorningShort subject19312004
Buena Vista Social ClubDocumentary19992020
The Buffalo Creek Flood: An Act of ManDocumentary19752005
BullittNarrative feature19682007
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidNarrative feature19692003
CabaretNarrative feature19721995
Cabin in the SkyNarrative feature19432020
The CameramanNarrative feature19282005
Carmen JonesNarrative feature19541992
CasablancaNarrative feature19421989
Castro StreetDocumentary/short subject/experimental film19661992
Cat PeopleNarrative feature19421993
Chan Is MissingNarrative feature19821995
The CheatNarrative feature19151993
The ChechahcosNarrative feature19242003
ChinatownNarrative feature19741991
A Christmas StoryNarrative feature19832012
Chulas Fronteras±Documentary19761993
Cicero MarchDocumentary/short subject19662013
CinderellaAnimated narrative feature19502018
Citizen KaneNarrative feature19411989
The CityDocumentary19391998
City LightsNarrative feature19311991
CivilizationNarrative feature19161999
The Clash of the WolvesNarrative feature19252004
Clerks±Narrative feature19942019
A Clockwork OrangeNarrative feature19712020
Close Encounters of the Third KindNarrative feature19772007
Coal Miner’s Daughter±Narrative feature19802019
Cologne: From the Diary of Ray and EstherDocumentary/short subject19392001
Commandment Keeper Church, Beaufort South Carolina, May 1940Documentary/short subject19402005
A Computer Animated HandAnimated short subject/experimental film19722011
The ConversationNarrative feature19741995
Cool Hand LukeNarrative feature19672005
The Cool WorldNarrative feature19631994
CopsShort subject19221997
The Corbett-Fitzsimmons FightDocumentary18972012
A Corner in WheatShort subject19091994
The Court JesterNarrative feature19562004
Crisis: Behind a Presidential CommitmentDocumentary19632011
The CrowdNarrative feature19281989
The Cry of the ChildrenShort subject19122011
The Cry of JazzShort subject19592010
A Cure for PokeritisShort subject19122011
The Curse of Quon GwonShort subject1916–19172006
Czechoslovakia 1968Documentary/short subject19691997
D.O.A.Narrative feature19502004
Dance, Girl, DanceNarrative feature19402007
Dances with WolvesNarrative feature19902007
The Dark KnightNarrative feature20082020
Daughter of DawnNarrative feature19202013
Daughter of ShanghaiNarrative feature19372006
Daughters of the DustNarrative feature19912004
David Holzman’s DiaryNarrative feature19671991
The Day the Earth Stood StillNarrative feature19511995
Days of HeavenNarrative feature19782007
Days of Wine and RosesNarrative feature19622018
Dead BirdsDocumentary19641998
The Decline of Western CivilizationDocumentary19812016
The Deer HunterNarrative feature19781996
DeliveranceNarrative feature19722008
Demolishing and Building Up the Star TheatreDocumentary/short subject19012002
Destry Rides AgainNarrative feature19391996
DetourNarrative feature19451992
The Devil Never SleepsNarrative feature19942020
The Dickson Experimental Sound FilmShort subject/experimental film1894 or 18952003
Die HardNarrative feature19882017
Dirty HarryNarrative feature19712012
Disneyland DreamHome film19562008
Dixon-Wanamaker Expedition to Crow AgencyNewsreel footage19082018
Do the Right Thing±Narrative feature19891999
The Docks of New YorkNarrative feature19281999
DodsworthNarrative feature19361990
Dog Day AfternoonNarrative feature19752009
Dog Star ManShort subject/experimental film series1961–19641992
Dont Look BackDocumentary19671998
Double IndemnityNarrative feature19441992
Down Argentine WayNarrative feature19402014
Dr. StrangeloveNarrative feature19641989
DraculaNarrative feature19312000
DráculaNarrative feature19312015
The Dragon PainterNarrative feature19192014
Dream of a Rarebit FiendShort subject19062015
Drums of WinterDocumentary19882006
Duck AmuckAnimated short subject19531999
Duck and CoverAnimated short subject19512004
Duck SoupNarrative feature19331990
Dumbo±Animated narrative feature19412017
E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialNarrative feature19821994
Eadweard Muybridge, ZoopraxographerDocumentary19752015
Early Abstractions[I]Animated short subjects1939–19562006
East of EdenNarrative feature19552016
Easy RiderNarrative feature19691998
Eaux d’ArtificeShort subject19531993
Edison Kinetographic Record of a SneezeDocumentary/short subject18942015
El MariachiNarrative feature19922011
El Norte±Narrative feature19831995
Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EBShort subject19672010
Ella CindersNarrative feature19262013
Emigrants Landing at Ellis IslandDocumentary/short subject19032019
The Emperor JonesNarrative feature19331999
EmpireExperimental film19642004
The Empire Strikes BackNarrative feature19802010
Employees’ EntranceNarrative feature19332019
The Endless SummerDocumentary19662002
Enter the DragonNarrative feature19732004
EraserheadNarrative feature19772004
Eve’s BayouNarrative feature19972018
The Evidence of the FilmShort subject19132001
The ExilesNarrative feature19612009
The ExorcistNarrative feature19732010
The Exploits of Elaine[II]Serial film19141994
A Face in the CrowdNarrative feature19572008
FacesNarrative feature19682011
Fake Fruit FactoryDocumentary/short subject19862011
The Fall of the House of UsherShort subject19282000
FantasiaAnimated narrative feature19401990
FargoNarrative feature19962006
Fast Times at Ridgemont HighNarrative feature19822005
Fatty’s Tintype TangleShort subject19151995
FeliciaShort subject19652014
Ferris Bueller’s Day OffNarrative feature19862014
Field of DreamsNarrative feature19892017
Film PortraitDocumentary19722003
Five Easy PiecesNarrative feature19702000
Flash Gordon[III]Serial film19361996
Flesh and the DevilNarrative feature19272006
Flower Drum SongNarrative feature19612008
The Fog of WarDocumentary20032019
A Fool There WasNarrative feature19152015
Foolish WivesNarrative feature19222008
Footlight ParadeNarrative feature19331992
Forbidden PlanetNarrative feature19562013
Force of EvilNarrative feature19481994
The Forgotten FrontierDocumentary19311996
Forrest Gump±Narrative feature19942011
The Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseNarrative feature19211995
Fox Movietone News: Jenkins Orphanage BandNewsreel19282003
Frank FilmAnimated short subject19731996
FrankensteinNarrative feature19311991
FreaksNarrative feature19321994
Free RadicalsAnimated short subject19792008
Freedom RidersDocumentary20102020
The French ConnectionNarrative feature19712005
The FreshmanNarrative feature19251990
From Here to EternityNarrative feature19532002
From Stump to ShipShort subject/industrial film19302002
From the Manger to the CrossNarrative feature19121998
The Front PageNarrative feature19312010
Fuentes Family Home Movies CollectionHome films1920s–1930s2017
FujiShort subject19742002
Funny GirlNarrative feature19682016
FuryNarrative feature19361995
The Gang’s All HereNarrative feature19432014
Garlic Is as Good as Ten MothersDocumentary19802004
GaslightNarrative feature19442019
The GeneralNarrative feature19261989
Gentleman’s AgreementNarrative feature19472017
George StevensWorld War II footageDocumentary1943–19462008
George Washington Carver at Tuskegee InstituteDocumentary/short subject19372019
Gerald McBoing-BoingAnimated short subject19501995
Gertie the DinosaurAnimated short subject19141991
GhostbustersNarrative feature19842015
GiantNarrative feature19562005
GigiNarrative feature19581991
GildaNarrative feature19462013
The Girl Without a SoulNarrative feature19172018
GirlfriendsNarrative feature19782019
Glimpse of the GardenShort subject19572007
The GodfatherNarrative feature19721990
The Godfather Part IINarrative feature19741993
Going My WayNarrative feature19442004
Gold Diggers of 1933Narrative feature19332003
The Gold RushNarrative feature19251992
Gone with the WindNarrative feature19391989
GoodfellasNarrative feature19902000
The GooniesNarrative feature19852017
The Graduate±Narrative feature19671996
Grand HotelNarrative feature19322007
The Grapes of WrathNarrative feature19401989
GreaseNarrative feature19782020
The Great DictatorNarrative feature19401997
The Great Train RobberyShort subject19031990
GreedNarrative feature19241991
Grey GardensDocumentary19752010
The GroundNarrative feature1993–20012020
Groundhog DayNarrative feature19932006
Growing Up FemaleDocumentary19712011
Guess Who’s Coming to DinnerNarrative feature19672017
Gun CrazyNarrative feature19501998
Gunga DinNarrative feature19391999
H2OShort subject19292005
Hail the Conquering HeroNarrative feature19442015
Hair Piece: A Film for Nappyheaded PeopleAnimated short subject19842018
HallelujahNarrative feature19292008
HalloweenNarrative feature19782006
Hands Up!Narrative feature19262005
Harlan County, USADocumentary19761990
Harold and MaudeNarrative feature19711997
Hearts and MindsDocumentary19742018
He Who Gets SlappedNarrative feature19242017
The HeiressNarrative feature19491996
Hell’s HingesNarrative feature19161994
Heroes AllDocumentary19202009
Hester StreetNarrative feature19752011
High NoonNarrative feature19521989
High SchoolDocumentary19681991
Hindenburg disaster newsreel footageNewsreel19371997
His Girl FridayNarrative feature19401993
The Hitch-HikerNarrative feature19531998
The HoleAnimated short subject19622013
Hoop DreamsDocumentary19942005
HoosiersNarrative feature19862001
The HospitalNarrative feature19711995
Hot Dogs for GauguinShort subject19722009
Hours for Jerome: Parts 1 and 2Experimental film1980–19822012
The House I Live InShort subject19452007
The House in the MiddleDocumentary/short subject19542001
House of UsherNarrative feature19602005
House of WaxNarrative feature19532014
How Green Was My ValleyNarrative feature19411990
How the West Was WonNarrative feature19621997
HudNarrative feature19632018
HumoresqueNarrative feature19202015
The HuntersDocumentary19572003
The Hurt LockerNarrative feature20082020
The HustlerNarrative feature19611997
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain GangNarrative feature19321991
I Am JoaquinShort subject19692010
I Am SomebodyDocumentary/short subject19702019
I, An ActressShort subject19772011
IllusionsShort subject19822020
Imitation of LifeNarrative feature19342005
Imitation of LifeNarrative feature19592015
The ImmigrantShort subject19171998
In a Lonely PlaceNarrative feature19502007
In Cold BloodNarrative feature19672008
In the Heat of the NightNarrative feature19672002
In the Land of the Head HuntersNarrative feature19141999
In the StreetDocumentary/short subject19482006
The Incredible Shrinking ManNarrative feature19572009
The InformerNarrative feature19352018
The Inner World of AphasiaDocumentary/short subject19682015
Interior New York Subway, 14th Street to 42nd StreetShort subject19052017
Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the KindertransportDocumentary20002014
IntoleranceNarrative feature19161989
Invasion of the Body SnatchersNarrative feature19561994
The Invisible ManNarrative feature19332008
The Iron HorseNarrative feature19242011
ItNarrative feature19272001
It Happened One NightNarrative feature19341993
It’s a GiftNarrative feature19342010
It’s a Wonderful LifeNarrative feature19461990
The ItalianNarrative feature19151991
Jailhouse RockNarrative feature19572004
Jam SessionShort subject19422001
Jammin’ the BluesShort subject19441995
JawsNarrative feature19752001
Jazz on a Summer’s Day±Documentary19591999
The Jazz SingerNarrative feature19271996
Jeffries-Johnson World’s Championship Boxing ContestDocumentary19102005
JezebelNarrative feature19382009
John Henry and the Inky-PooAnimated short subject19462015
Johnny GuitarNarrative feature19542008
The Joy Luck ClubNarrative feature19932020
Judgment at NurembergNarrative feature19612013
The JungleShort subject19672009
Jurassic ParkNarrative feature19932018
Kannapolis, N.C.Documentary19412004
The KidNarrative feature19212011
Kid Auto Races at VeniceShort subject19142020
The Kidnappers Foil[IV]Narrative feature1930s–1950s2012
Killer of SheepNarrative feature19781990
The KillersNarrative feature19462008
King: A Filmed Record… Montgomery to MemphisDocumentary19701999
King KongNarrative feature19331991
King of Jazz±Narrative feature19302013
The KissShort subject18961999
Kiss Me DeadlyNarrative feature19551999
Knute Rockne, All AmericanNarrative feature19401997
L.A. ConfidentialNarrative feature19972015
La Bamba±Narrative feature19872017
The Lady EveNarrative feature19411994
The Lady from ShanghaiNarrative feature19472018
Lady Helen’s EscapadeShort subject19092004
Lady Windermere’s FanNarrative feature19252002
LambchopsShort subject19291999
The Land Beyond the SunsetShort subject19122000
Lassie Come HomeNarrative feature19431993
The Last CommandNarrative feature19282006
The Last of the MohicansNarrative feature19201995
The Last Picture ShowNarrative feature19711998
The Last Waltz±Documentary19782019
LauraNarrative feature19441999
Lawrence of ArabiaNarrative feature19621991
The Lead ShoesShort subject/experimental film19492009
A League of Their OwnNarrative feature19922012
The Learning TreeNarrative feature19691989
Leave Her to HeavenNarrative feature19452018
Let There Be LightDocumentary19462010
Let’s All Go to the LobbyAnimated short subject19572000
Letter from an Unknown WomanNarrative feature19481992
The Life and Death of 9413: a Hollywood ExtraShort subject19271997
The Life and Times of Rosie the RiveterDocumentary19801996
Life of an American FiremanShort subject19032016
The Life of Emile ZolaNarrative feature19372000
Lilies of the FieldNarrative feature19632020
The Lion KingAnimated narrative feature19942016
Little Big ManNarrative feature19702014
Little CaesarNarrative feature19312000
Little FugitiveNarrative feature19531997
Little Miss MarkerNarrative feature19341998
Little NemoAnimated short subject19112009
Lives of PerformersNarrative feature19722017
The Living DesertDocumentary19532000
LonesomeNarrative feature19282010
Losing GroundNarrative feature19822020
Lost HorizonNarrative feature19372016
The Lost WeekendNarrative feature19452011
The Lost WorldNarrative feature19251998
Louisiana StoryNarrative feature19481994
Love Finds Andy HardyNarrative feature19382000
Love Me TonightNarrative feature19321990
The Lunch DateShort subject19902013
Luxo Jr.Animated short subject19862014
M*A*S*HNarrative feature19701996
Mabel’s BlunderShort subject19142009
Magical MaestroAnimated short subject19521993
The Magnificent AmbersonsNarrative feature19421991
The Magnificent SevenNarrative feature19602013
Make Way for TomorrowNarrative feature19372010
The Making of an AmericanShort subject19202005
Malcolm X±Narrative feature19922010
The Maltese FalconNarrative feature19411989
The Man Who Shot Liberty ValanceNarrative feature19622007
The Man with the Golden ArmNarrative feature19552020
The Manchurian CandidateNarrative feature19621994
ManhattaDocumentary/short subject19211995
Manhattan±Narrative feature19792001
Mauna Kea: Temple Under SiegeDocumentary20062020
The MarchDocumentary/short subject19642008
The March of Time: Inside Nazi GermanyNewsreel19381993
Marian Anderson: The Lincoln Memorial Concert±Documentary19392001
The Mark of ZorroNarrative feature19202015
The Mark of ZorroNarrative feature19402009
Martha Graham dance films[V]±Short subjects1931–19442013
MartyNarrative feature19551994
Mary PoppinsNarrative feature19642013
Master HandsDocumentary19361999
Matrimony’s Speed LimitShort subject19132003
The MatrixNarrative feature19992012
McCabe & Mrs. MillerNarrative feature19712010
Mean Streets±Narrative feature19731997
Medium CoolNarrative feature19692003
Meet Me in St. LouisNarrative feature19441994
Melody RanchNarrative feature19402002
MementoNarrative feature20002017
Memphis BelleDocumentary19442001
Men and DustDocumentary/short subject19402013
Meshes of the AfternoonShort subject/experimental film19431990
Michael Jackson’s Thriller±Music video19832009
The Middleton Family at the New York World’s FairIndustrial film19392012
MidnightNarrative feature19392013
Midnight CowboyNarrative feature19691994
Mighty Like a MooseShort subject19262007
Mildred PierceNarrative feature19451996
The Miracle of Morgan’s CreekNarrative feature19442001
Miracle on 34th StreetNarrative feature19472005
Miss Lulu BettNarrative feature19222001
Modern TimesNarrative feature19361989
ModestaShort subject19561998
Mom and DadNarrative feature19452005
Monterey Pop±Documentary19682018
Moon Breath BeatAnimated short subject19802014
MoroccoNarrative feature19301992
Motion Painting No. 1Animated short subject/experimental film19471997
A MovieShort subject/experimental film19581994
Mr. Smith Goes to WashingtonNarrative feature19391989
Mrs. MiniverNarrative feature19422009
Multiple SIDosisShort subject19702000
The Muppet MovieNarrative feature19792009
The Music BoxShort subject19321997
The Music ManNarrative feature19622005
The Musketeers of Pig AlleyShort subject19122016
My Darling ClementineNarrative feature19461991
My Fair LadyNarrative feature19642018
My Man GodfreyNarrative feature19361999
My Name is OonaShort subject/experimental film19692019
The Naked CityNarrative feature19482007
The Naked SpurNarrative feature19531997
Nanook of the NorthDocumentary19221989
NashvilleNarrative feature19751992
National Lampoon’s Animal HouseNarrative feature19782001
National VelvetNarrative feature19442003
The NavigatorNarrative feature19242018
Naughty MariettaNarrative feature19352003
Navajo Film Themselves[VI]Documentary/short subjects19662002
The Negro SoldierDocumentary19442011
NetworkNarrative feature19762000
A New LeafNarrative feature19712019
Newark AthleteShort subject18912010
Nicholas Brothers‘ home moviesHome films1930s–1940s2011
A Night at the OperaNarrative feature19351993
The Night of the HunterNarrative feature19551992
Night of the Living DeadNarrative feature19681999
NinotchkaNarrative feature19391990
No LiesShort subject19732008
Norma RaeNarrative feature19792011
North by NorthwestNarrative feature19591995
(nostalgia)Documentary/short subject19712003
Notes on the Port of St. FrancisDocumentary/short subject19512013
Nothing but a ManNarrative feature19641993
NotoriousNarrative feature19462006
Now, VoyagerNarrative feature19422007
The Nutty ProfessorNarrative feature19632004
OffOnShort subject/experimental film19682004
Oklahoma!Narrative feature19552007
The Old MillAnimated short subject19372015
Old YellerNarrative feature19572019
On the BoweryDocumentary19572008
On the TownNarrative feature19492018
On the WaterfrontNarrative feature19541989
Once Upon a Time in the WestNarrative feature19682009
One-Eyed JacksNarrative feature19612018
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s NestNarrative feature19751993
One Froggy EveningAnimated short subject19552003
One Survivor RemembersDocumentary/short subject19952012
One WeekShort subject19202008
Only Angels Have WingsNarrative feature19392017
Our Daily BreadNarrative feature19342015
Our DayDocumentary/short subject19382007
Our Lady of the SphereShort subject/experimental film19722010
Out of the PastNarrative feature19471991
The Outlaw Josey WalesNarrative feature19761996
OutrageNarrative feature19502020
The Ox-Bow IncidentNarrative feature19431998
ParableShort subject19642012
Paris Is BurningDocumentary19902016
Pass the GravyShort subject19281998
Paths of GloryNarrative feature19571992
PattonNarrative feature19702003
The PawnbrokerNarrative feature19642008
The PearlNarrative feature19472002
PeegeShort subject19732007
The Perils of Pauline[VII]Serial film19142008
Peter PanNarrative feature19242000
The Phantom of the OperaNarrative feature19251998
The Phenix City StoryNarrative feature19552019
The Philadelphia StoryNarrative feature19401995
Pickup on South StreetNarrative feature19532018
Pillow TalkNarrative feature19592009
The Pink PantherNarrative feature19632010
Pinocchio±Animated narrative feature19401994
A Place in the SunNarrative feature19511991
Planet of the ApesNarrative feature19682001
Platoon±Narrative feature19862019
Please, Don’t Bury Me Alive!Narrative feature19762014
The Plow That Broke the PlainsDocumentary/short subject19361999
Point BlankNarrative feature19672016
Point of OrderDocumentary19641993
The Poor Little Rich GirlNarrative feature19171991
Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the SailorAnimated short subject19362004
Porgy and Bess±Narrative feature19592011
Porky in WackylandAnimated short subject19382000
Portrait of JasonDocumentary19672015
The Power and the GloryNarrative feature19332014
The Power of the PressNarrative feature19282005
Powers of TenDocumentary/short subject19771998
Precious ImagesShort subject/compilation19862009
Preservation of the Sign LanguageDocumentary/short subject19132010
President McKinley Inauguration FootageDocumentary/short subject19012000
The Princess BrideNarrative feature19872016
Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke FairyShort subject19092003
The Prisoner of ZendaNarrative feature19371991
The ProducersNarrative feature19671996
PsychoNarrative feature19601992
The Public EnemyNarrative feature19311998
Pull My DaisyShort subject19591996
Pulp Fiction±Narrative feature19942013
Punch DrunksShort subject19342002
Pups Is PupsShort subject19302004
Purple Rain±Narrative feature19842019
Putney SwopeNarrative feature19692016
Quasi at the QuackaderoAnimated short subject19752009
The Quiet ManNarrative feature19522013
Raging BullNarrative feature19801990
Raiders of the Lost ArkNarrative feature19811999
A Raisin in the SunNarrative feature19612005
Real Women Have CurvesNarrative feature20022019
Rear WindowNarrative feature19541997
RebeccaNarrative feature19402018
Rebel Without a CauseNarrative feature19551990
The Red BookAnimated short subject19942009
Red DustNarrative feature19322006
Red RiverNarrative feature19481990
RegenerationNarrative feature19152000
Reminiscences of a Journey to LithuaniaDocumentary1971–19722006
Republic Steel Strike Riot Newsreel FootageNewsreel19371997
Return of the Secaucus 7Narrative feature19801997
The Revenge of Pancho VillaNarrative feature1930–19362009
Reverend Solomon Sir Jones filmsHome films1924–19282016
Ride the High CountryNarrative feature19621992
The Right StuffNarrative feature19832013
Rio BravoNarrative feature19592014
Rip Van Winkle[VIII]Short subjects19031995
The RiverDocumentary/short subject19381990
Road to MoroccoNarrative feature19421996
RockyNarrative feature19762006
The Rocky Horror Picture ShowNarrative feature19752005
Roger & MeDocumentary19892013
Roman HolidayNarrative feature19531999
Rose HobartShort subject/experimental film19362001
Rosemary’s BabyNarrative feature19682014
Ruggles of Red GapNarrative feature19352014
RushmoreNarrative feature19982016
SabrinaNarrative feature19542002
Safety Last!Narrative feature19231994
SaloméNarrative feature19232000
Salt of the EarthNarrative feature19541992
Samsara: Death and Rebirth in CambodiaDocumentary19892012
San Francisco Earthquake & Fire: April 18, 1906Documentary/short subject19062005
Saturday Night Fever±Narrative feature19772010
Saving Private RyanNarrative feature19982014
ScarfaceNarrative feature19321994
Schindler’s ListNarrative feature19932004
Scratch and CrowAnimated short subject19952009
The SearchersNarrative feature19561989
SecondsNarrative feature19662015
Serene VelocityShort subject19702001
Sergeant YorkNarrative feature19412008
Seven Brides for Seven BrothersNarrative feature19542004
Seventh HeavenNarrative feature19271995
Sex, Lies, and VideotapeNarrative feature19892006
The Sex Life of the PolypShort subject19282007
Shadow of a DoubtNarrative feature19431991
ShadowsNarrative feature19581993
Shaft±Narrative feature19712000
ShaneNarrative feature19531993
The Shawshank RedemptionNarrative feature19942015
She Done Him WrongNarrative feature19331996
She’s Gotta Have ItNarrative feature19862019
Sherlock Jr.Narrative feature19241991
Sherman’s MarchDocumentary19862000
The ShiningNarrative feature19802018
Shock CorridorNarrative feature19631996
ShoesNarrative feature19162014
The Shop Around the CornerNarrative feature19401999
Show Boat±Narrative feature19361996
Show PeopleNarrative feature19282003
Shrek±Animated narrative feature20012020
SiegeDocumentary/short subject19402006
The Silence of the LambsNarrative feature19912011
Singin’ in the RainNarrative feature19521989
Sink or SwimExperimental film19902015
The Sinking of the LusitaniaAnimated short subject19182017
Sky HighNarrative feature19221998
SlackerNarrative feature19902012
Sleeping BeautyAnimated narrative feature19592019
Smoke SignalsNarrative feature19982018
Snow WhiteAnimated short subject19331994
Snow White and the Seven DwarfsAnimated narrative feature19371989
So’s Your Old ManNarrative feature19262008
Some Like It HotNarrative feature19591989
Something Good – Negro KissExperimental short film18982018
The Son of the SheikNarrative feature19262003
Sons of the DesertNarrative feature19332012
The Sound of Music±Narrative feature19652001
SpartacusNarrative feature19602017
The Spook Who Sat by the DoorNarrative feature19732012
St. Louis BluesShort subject19292006
StagecoachNarrative feature19391995
Stand and DeliverNarrative feature19882011
A Star Is BornNarrative feature19542000
Star Wars±Narrative feature19771989
Stark LoveNarrative feature19272009
State FairNarrative feature19332014
Steamboat Bill, Jr.Narrative feature19282016
Steamboat WillieAnimated short subject19281998
The Sting±Narrative feature19732005
Stormy WeatherNarrative feature19432001
The Story of G.I. JoeNarrative feature19452009
The Story of MenstruationAnimated short subject19462015
Stranger Than ParadiseNarrative feature19842002
A Streetcar Named Desire±Narrative feature19511999
The Strong ManNarrative feature19262007
A Study in RedsShort subject19322009
Study of a RiverShort subject/experimental film19972010
Sullivan’s TravelsNarrative feature19411990
SunriseNarrative feature19271989
Sunset BoulevardNarrative feature19501989
SupermanNarrative feature19782017
SuspenseShort subject19132020
Suzanne, SuzanneDocumentary/short subject19822016
Sweet Smell of SuccessNarrative feature19571993
Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss SongNarrative feature19712020
Swing TimeNarrative feature19362004
Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take OneDocumentary19682015
The T.A.M.I. Show±Documentary19642006
Tabu: A Story of the South SeasNarrative feature19311994
Tacoma Narrows Bridge CollapseHome film19401998
The Tall TNarrative feature19572000
TarantellaShort subject/experimental film19402010
Tarzan and His MateNarrative feature19342003
Taxi DriverNarrative feature19761994
The Tell-Tale HeartAnimated short subject19532001
The Ten CommandmentsNarrative feature19561999
The TerminatorNarrative feature19842008
Tess of the Storm CountryNarrative feature19142006
TevyaNarrative feature19391991
Thelma & LouiseNarrative feature19912016
Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser±Documentary19882017
Theodore Case Sound Test: Gus Visser and His Singing DuckShort subject/experimental film19252002
There It IsShort subject19282004
They Call It Pro FootballDocumentary19672012
The Thief of BagdadNarrative feature19241996
The Thin Blue LineDocumentary19882001
The Thin ManNarrative feature19341997
The Thing from Another WorldNarrative feature19512001
Think of Me First as a PersonHome film1960–19752006
This Is CineramaDocumentary19522002
This Is Spinal TapNarrative feature19842002
Three Little PigsAnimated short subject19332007
Time and DreamsDocumentary19762017
A Time for BurningDocumentary19662005
A Time Out of WarShort subject19542006
The Times of Harvey Milk±Documentary19842012
Tin ToyAnimated short subject19882003
TitanicNarrative feature19972017
To Be or Not to BeNarrative feature19421996
To Fly!Documentary19761995
To Kill a MockingbirdNarrative feature19621995
To Sleep with AngerNarrative feature19902017
Tol’able DavidNarrative feature19212007
Tom, Tom, the Piper’s SonExperimental film1969–19712007
TootsieNarrative feature19821998
Top Gun±Narrative feature19862015
Top HatNarrative feature19351990
Touch of EvilNarrative feature19581993
Toy StoryAnimated narrative feature19952005
Traffic in SoulsNarrative feature19132006
Trance and Dance in BaliDocumentary/short subject1936–1939[IX]1999
The Treasure of the Sierra MadreNarrative feature19481990
A Tree Grows in BrooklynNarrative feature19452010
A Trip Down Market StreetDocumentary19062010
Trouble in ParadiseNarrative feature19321991
Tulips Shall GrowAnimated short subject19421997
Twelve O’Clock HighNarrative feature19491998
Twentieth CenturyNarrative feature19342011
Two-Color Kodachrome Test Shots No. IIIExperimental film19222012
Two-Lane BlacktopNarrative feature19712012
Uncle Tom’s CabinNarrative feature19142012
Under Western StarsNarrative feature19382009
UnforgivenNarrative feature19922004
UnmaskedNarrative feature19172014
V-E +1Documentary/short subject19452014
Verbena TragicaNarrative feature19391996
VertigoNarrative feature19581989
A Virtuous VampNarrative feature19192013
A Walk in the SunNarrative feature19452016
WandaNarrative feature19702017
The War of the WorldsNarrative feature19532011
Water and PowerDocumentary19892008
The Way of PeaceAnimated short subject19472014
The Wedding MarchNarrative feature19282003
West Side Story±Narrative feature19611997
Westinghouse Works, 1904[X]Short subject/industrial films19041998
What’s Opera, Doc?±Animated short subject19571992
Where Are My Children?Narrative feature19161993
White Fawn’s DevotionShort subject19102008
White HeatNarrative feature19492003
Who Framed Roger RabbitAnimated/live-action hybrid narrative feature19882016
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Narrative feature19662013
Why Man CreatesAnimated documentary/short subject19682002
Why We Fight[XI]Documentary/propaganda film series1943–19452000
Wild and WoollyNarrative feature19172002
Wild Boys of the RoadNarrative feature19332013
The Wild BunchNarrative feature19691999
Wild RiverNarrative feature19602002
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?Narrative feature19572000
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate FactoryNarrative feature19712014
Winchester ’73Narrative feature19502015
The WindNarrative feature19281993
WingsNarrative feature19271997
The Wishing Ring: An Idyll of Old EnglandNarrative feature19142012
With Car and Camera Around the WorldShort subject19292020
With the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in SpainDocumentary1937–19382017
Within Our GatesNarrative feature19201992
The Wizard of Oz±Narrative feature19391989
Woman of the YearNarrative feature19421999
A Woman Under the InfluenceNarrative feature19741990
The WomenNarrative feature19392007
Wuthering HeightsNarrative feature19392007
Yankee Doodle DandyNarrative feature19421993
Young FrankensteinNarrative feature19742003
Young Mr. LincolnNarrative feature19392003
Zapruder filmHome film19631994
Zoot SuitNarrative feature19812019