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2020 Oscars Challenge: [29] “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” — Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Brad Pitt holds the front-runner spot in Best Actor in a Supporting Role, having been sweeping the season. However, when reading how some of the Academy voters were voting, Tom Hanks name was coming up a lot. The fact that he’s playing an actual historic figure and such a beloved one on top of that, this could designate a possible upset. My bets are still on no, but if there is an upset, it will likely be Hanks.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [28] “The Cave” — Best Documentary Feature

At the moment, “American Factory” seems to hold the front-runner status for one reason or another. “For Sama” and “The Cave” are very similar in subject matter, so the runner-up status likely drops to one of them. Personally, I feel like “For Sama” was the more engaging film, so for that I feel like “The Cave” falls to third place. However, reading Academy voters ballots that were released, “The Cave” was brought up quite a bit.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [27] “Knives Out” — Best Original Screenplay

The mere fact that Rian Johnson made it here thrills me to no end. I loved “Knives Out” but did not see it getting anywhere near the Oscars. “Parasite” and “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” being part of the Big Three make them the front-runners here. But if there’s going to be a jaw-dropping upset, it might be “Knives Out” winning here.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [26] “Rocketman” — Best Original Song

Elton John is a huge international star that is beloved by millions. Saying his song is a front-runner just for that initial fact is no stretch of the imagination. Add to that, his song has been winning in other venues, including the Golden Globes, and it is definitely the odds-on favorite to win. Personally, I do adhere to the love. Not being a huge Elton John fan, I see the song for what’s it worth. Granted, the entire category is not very inspired, but the “Rocketman” song in particular is lost on me. Now, the only thing that points toward an upset here is the fact that “Rocketman” missed out on other categories this year like Best Actor in a Leading Role for Taron Egerton and even Best Costume Design. That tells me it didn’t have as much support as you’d expect. That being said, unless somehow “Frozen II” or “Harriet” get some support behind it, which their support are both dwindling, I would not expect an anything to be able to upset it.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [25] “Ford v Ferrari” — Four Nominations

As of right now, I have “Ford v Ferrari” winning two, possibly three, out of the four awards it’s nominated for. Yet, somehow, the experts place it dead last for the films in the Best Picture category. Other films, like “The Irishman” and “Little Women” I have winning zero awards and yet those are somehow ahead of “Ford v Ferrari.” That being said, there’s no way “Ford v Ferrari” wins Best Picture. The Big Three are currently “1917,” “Once Upon A Time In Hollywoood,” and “Parasite.”

2020 Oscars Challenge: [24] “The Lighthouse” — Best Cinematography

Many were surprised that “The Lighthouse” didn’t garner any other attention from the Academy, especially with Willem Dafoe being a favorite of theirs. The cinematography, though stepping outside the box and deliviering something different, does not seem like Academy Award winning material, especially when you have Roger Deakins breaking ground with “1917.” The experts place “The Lighthouse” at the very bottom of the pack and although I do not necessarily agree with that, it does not have a very good chance of winning.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [23] “Harriet” — Two Nominations

Nothing against the film, but I’m surprised “Harriet” got as much attention as it did. The fact that Cynthia Erivo showed up in during a stacked year for performances is quite the achievement. It reeks of voting for a person of color to get a nomination, but I don’t want to undermine Erivo’s accomplishments. Renée Zellweger is the clear front-runner with Scarlett Johansson right behind her. The experts place Erivo at the back of the pack.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [22] “The Lion King” — Best Visual Effects

The experts and I think “1917” holds the front-runner status on this category, but when you actually sit down and think about it, which films are dependent on their visual effects. The titles that come to mind are “Avengers: Endgame” (which was beloved this year) and “The Lion King” (which is Disney and that name means a lot). This film would not exist without visual effects and it does a decent job of breaking some ground. That being said, I do not feel like it was popular enough to get enough members behind it.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [21] “Toy Story 4” — Two Nominations

“Toy Story 4” is a Disney/Pixar film, so just by that fact alone it’s a front-runner. The company has a great track record for winning. However, sequels from the animation company are not always a guarantee. One thing that stands out to me is that “Klaus” swept at the Annie Awards. Yes, that’s a different voting body and the Academy members are much more general and may just gravitate toward “Toy Story 4” because of its name. But, I do believe “Klaus” or possibly even “How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” has a chance to upset.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [20] “Bombshell” — Three Nominations

At this point in the season, it would take a lot for anyone to usurp the front-runner Renée Zellweger. If anyone is, it seems more likely that it will be Scarlett Johansson. The experts place Charlize Theron as the next in line, but at that point, it will likely be a toss up anyway.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [19] “Pain And Glory” — Two Nominations

Just like Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best International Feature Film is basically locked as well, with “Parasite” being the absolute favorite, not only here but everywhere, so much so that it could translate into a Best Picture win. There’s no way there will be an upset but if by some miracle there is, I guess “Pain and Glory” would likely be the next in line.

2020 Oscars Challenge: [18] “Little Women” — Six Nominations

Despite the uproar that director Greta Gerwig missed out on her directing nomination, “Little Women” holds very little chance of winning Best Picture. For one thing, it simply has not won anywhere else. On top of that, it’s been missing in places where it was favored to win, like the Writers Guild awards. The sympathy vote for Gerwig seems not existent and without that, it really stands no chance against the Big Three (“1917,” “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” and “Parasite”).