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New Trailer: The Layover – Official Teaser Trailer #1

THE LAYOVER || Fresh off her role in Baywatch, Alexandra Daddario is wasting no time stepping into another comedy, this time alongside the fellow well-endowed Kate Upton in The Layover. The film sees two best friends at crappy points in their lives, deciding to take a vacation to Florida. Enter the good-looking Matt Barr, who just happens to be sitting in-between them on the flight. … Read More New Trailer: The Layover – Official Teaser Trailer #1


One Minute Review: Sex Tape (2014) [2.5]

“Who has sex for three hours? That’s the length of the movie Lincoln. You did the full Lincoln.” -Robbie (Rob Corddry) SEX TAPE // The first thing to wrap your head around in the raunchy comedy “Sex Tape” is that the smoking hot Cameron Diaz, at 42 years old, is married to Jason Segel, who is 34 years old. The next is believing that … Read More One Minute Review: Sex Tape (2014) [2.5]


One Minute Review: In A World… (2013)

Release Date August 16, 2013 Director Lake Bell Screenplay Lake Bell Distributed By Roadside Attractions Comedy Rated R for language including some sexual references 93 minutes In A World… Lake Bell’s passion cannot be denied. With her original and quirky glimpse into the world of voice over narration, she not only launches into a comical adventure but also a piece on women’s rights in … Read More One Minute Review: In A World… (2013)


Proof Review: Operation: Endgame (2010)

Fill a room with hilarious actors playing semi-serious roles, fighting to the death and Operation Endgame is the result. Though the film would have never stood as a theatrical release, the quality of Operation Endgame is advanced for a straight-to-DVD release and with such a stacked cast, the film simply works. Perhaps the vague genre was intentional to attract an array of viewers, yet Corddry and Galifianakis will prove to be, without a doubt, the selling point of the film.

Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Get passed the ridiculous title and the film actually delivers some memorable moments.