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2014 Oscars Challenge: [37] The Square – One Nomination

Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer Distributed by Netflix, “The Square” is one of two documentaries that got the most exposure this Oscars season, thanks to billboards and constant advertisement from the growing instant streaming company. Second to only “The Act Of Killing”, which was a huge draw this awards season, the film is available on Netflix instantly (as were three of the other contenders) … Read More 2014 Oscars Challenge: [37] The Square – One Nomination

Quick Review: The Square (2013)

THE SQUARE (2013) BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLFEBRUARY 23, 2014 If there is one thing I learned about myself while watching “The Square,” it is that I am completely out of touch with the worldwide news. Taking a candid look at the Egyptian population fighting their government for freedom, this political struggle has been transpiring since 2011 and I had no idea it was happening. Originally … Read More Quick Review: The Square (2013)