All I have to say is that this better be Roger Deakins’ year. He’s been nominated ten times now (complete list) and has never won a single Academy Award. Now, he has another shot this year with one of my favorite films of 2012, “Skyfall”, made immensely more enjoyable by the amazing cinematography. With a grandness and epic sense to the entire film and a much closer, in depth, radiant look at the world of James Bond, if “Life Of Pi” can be beat, I really hope it’s by Deakins.

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Speaking of those that are due an Academy Award, Thomas Newman actually tops Deakins by having eleven nominations (complete list) and having never won a single Academy Award. This year as well is his time to shine, which may also be overshadowed by “Life Of Pi”, which is poised to win. Thomas Newman’s score for “Skyfall” in completely engaging, vibrantly electric, and ultimately a key to building the action and suspense of the film. Although I do not see Newman pulling this one off, I will be ecstatic if he actually does win.

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I hate to deal in certainties but Adele has this one in the bag. With a return to form for this James Bond theme, “Skyfall” embodies everything a theme song should be, encapsulating an already brilliant film with a tone and grandeur that not only enhances the viewing experience but sums up the film as a whole, bringing an element to life that is void in most James Bond films. Adele should be proud and I will be so happy to see her accept this award.

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Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers have both won awards for their prior work in Sound Editing, both winning for “The Bourne Ultimatum” (2007) and Halberg being nominated for “Face/Off” (1997) and also winning for “Braveheart” (1995). With experience obviously on their side, “Skyfall” could easily win Best Sound Editing. It’s an action film, there’s plenty of explosions and crashes, yet nothing overwhelming. The reason I lean more towards “Zero Dark Thirty” taking this award is that it is around the same type of Sound Editing and Bigelow’s film could have a wider appeal to most, thus gaining at least one win out of the night.

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Even though Scott Millan has four previous Oscar wins (complete list) and again, Greg P. Russell tops both Newman and Deakins with this being his sixteenth nomination with no win, sadly “Skyfall” will probably lose this category to “Les Miserables”, who recorded all of their singing on set, to be mixed into the film in an impressive move. “Skyfall” is brilliant in sound design, but really does not match the innovation going on in “Les Miserables”.


What I would consider the best James Bond film yet, “Skyfall” does for the 007 series, what “The Dark Knight” did for the Batman series. Daniel Craig officially proves to me that he is the Bond to beat all Bonds, carrying himself in a way that reflects every actor that carried this role before him, while producing a depth unseen in any portrayal prior. Javier Bardem resurrects the spirit of his “No Country For Old Men” villain in his performance of Silva, an ex-agent, now looking for revenge. Top that off with a new Q in the brilliantly talented Ben Whishaw and a subtle yet exciting performance from Ralph Fiennes, and “Skyfall” produces some of the best performances to-date. “Skyfall” dares to tone the film down to a personal level, where the stakes are no longer the entire world, but remain much more close to the heart. Emotion pours out of this film, helped wholly by the stunning cinematography from Roger Deakins and the captivating screenplay, with much more emotion and much more invested than previous installments. What feels like an unofficial reboot to the franchise, any level of Bond fanboy will be enthralled by the multiple layers of past Bond references, while experiencing something so new and refreshing in this 50 year old franchise.

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// Produced by Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Broccoli // Directed by Sam Mendes // Cinematography by Roger Deakins //

// Composed by Thomas Newman // Music and Lyric by Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth // Sound Editor: Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers // Sound Mixing: Scott Millan, Greg P. Russell and Stuart Wilson //

// Dated Viewed: Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 // BLU-RAY //  9 films – 13 days //






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