As someone who loved “Joker” and want it to do nothing but succeed (that means Oscar season as well as Box Office), there’s something comforting in seeing it land as the King of the Box Office for the second straight weekend. Falling only 41.9%, it brought in another $55.8 million to its already huge $193.5 million domestic haul. Remind you, that’s on a reported $55 million production budget. Need some DC perspective? “Joker” has already made $50 million more than this year’s “Shazam!” in its entire run and that film had double the production budget. After next weekend, it will pass 2006’s “Superman Returns” ($200 million) and 2005’s “Batman Begins” ($205 million), closing in on 2017’s “Justice League” ($229 million). And let me reiterate, that’s the entire Box Office run of these films compared to “Joker,” which is only in its second weekend.

Next on the List was the battle of the two debuts, although, in the end, it didn’t end up being much of a battle. Ang Lee’s “Gemini Man” was supposed to be the odds-on winner with a projection of $28 million going into the weekend, but it under-performed at only $20.5 million, putting it in third place behind the latest “The Addams Family,” which projected only $25 million going into the weekend and ended up over-performing with $30.3 million. Speaking of under-performing, “Jexi” opened to under half of its projection of $6.5 million, only bringing in $3.1 million. Still, that was enough to land it in the Top Ten, as predicted. The buzz for “Parasite” was real, as it opened at #15, and although its opening number wasn’t a huge one, it was enough to grab it the POPCORN AWARD for the weekend, earning an average of $128,072 in only three theaters. Not only does that make it the Largest Per Theater Average of the Year, it also puts in at the 18th Largest Per Theater Average of All-Time, behind the likes of “La La Land,” “American Sniper,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and “The Master.” Tell me that doesn’t have Academy Award nomination possibilities. A re-release of “Alien” put on by Fathom Events for its 40th Anniversary landed at #14 as well.

The only film that moved up on the List this weekend was “Pain And Glory,” earning itself the GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD with an increase of +78.1%. That was also the only percentage increase among all 25 films. Everything else took a dive, including five films that fell five spots or more, including “Good Boys” dropping six spots in its 9th weekend, “My People, My Country” dropping six spots in its 2nd weekend, “Hobbs & Shaw” dropping eight spots in its 11th weekend, and “Overcomer” falling six spots in its 8th weekend. The fifth film with the drop was “Angel Has Fallen,” which earned a BOMB by falling twelve spots in its 8th weekend. I know I’m jumping ahead, but expect that one to fall off completely next weekend. Falling off this weekend was “Brittany Runs a Marathon” in its 8th weekend, “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” in its 10th weekend, and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in its 12th weekend. No information was available for “Roger Waters Us + Them,” so it was removed in its 2nd weekend. Last week, after my article was posted with the weekend’s Box Office Numbers, “Nothing To Lose 2” and the re-release of the original “Ghostbusters” ended up on the List, knocking off “Pain and Glory” and “The Climbers,” so technically, “The Climbers” never officially made the List and remains off it this weekend.

A queen will emerge with the crown after next weekend, as Disney’s “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” aims to take the #1 spot away from “Joker” with a $40 million projected opening. “Joker” will have to battle it out with “Zombieland 2: Double Tap” for second place, as the latter aims for a projected opening of $30 million. Also worth keeping an eye on in a more limited release are “The Lighthouse,” starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattison, “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot,” which Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes are taking on a Roadshow across the country in a platformed release, and “Jojo Rabbit,” which will only see five theaters but should still have an impact on the List. Making room for those titles will be the aforementioned “Angel Has Fallen” after the BOMB this weekend, “Toy Story 4” which was released on home video last weekend, “Overcomer,” which barely held on to the List this weekend, and possibly “Hobbs & Shaw,” which took a six spot drop this weekend, nearing the end of the List as well.

BOX OFFICE QUEEN: “The Addams Family” (2019)
POPCORN AWARD*: “Parasite” (2019)

# Title Weekend Total Budget Week LW CH
1 Joker (WB)
$55,861,403 ($193,590,190) $55m 2nd #1 even
2 The Addams Family (2019) (UAR)
$30,300,007 ($30,300,007) $40m* 1st N even
3 Gemini Man (Par)
$20,552,372 ($20,552,372) $138m 1st N even
4 Abominable (Uni)
$6,072,235 ($47,873,585) $75m 3rd #2 down
5 Downton Abbey (Focus)
$4,881,075 ($82,668,665) $20m* 4th #3 down
6 Hustlers (STX)
$3,887,018 ($98,052,357) $20m 5th #4 down
7 Judy (RAtt)
$3,217,960 ($14,936,811) ** 3rd #6 down
8 It: Chapter Two (WB)
$3,136,415 ($207,046,839) $35m* 6th #5 down
9 Jexi (LGF)
$3,106,730 ($3,106,730) ** 1st N even
10 Ad Astra (Fox)
$1,877,925 ($46,966,357) $85m* 4th #7 down
11 Rambo: Last Blood (LGF)
$1,499,971 ($42,860,557) $50m 4th #8 down
12 War (2019) (Yash)
$866,421 ($3,640,355) $28m* 1st #9 down
13 The Lion King (BV)
$684,962 ($542,287,663) $260m 13th #12 down
14 TCM: Alien 40th Anniversary (Fathom)
$386,976 ($386,976) ** 1st N even
15 Parasite (2019) (Neon)
$384,216 ($384,216) $11m* 1st N
16 Good Boys (Uni)
$339,245 ($82,754,055) $20m 9th #10 downdown
17 My People, My Country (CMC)
$303,542 ($2,139,359) $12m* 2nd #11 downdown
18 The Peanut Butter Falcon (RAtt)
$275,027 ($19,510,033) $20,000 10th #15 down
19 Pain and Glory (SPC)
$271,846 ($557,803) ** 2nd #25 percentage
20 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (LG)
$245,529 ($67,921,783) $25m 10th #16 down
21 Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice (Grwh)
$205,949 ($3,175,168) ** 6th #19 down
22 Hobbs & Shaw (Uni)
$185,845 ($173,535,195) $200m 11th #14 downdown
23 Overcomer (Aff)
$167,192 ($34,305,967) $5m 8th #17 downdown
24 Toy Story 4 (BV)
$159,493 ($433,560,473) $200m* 17th #21 down
25 Angel Has Fallen (LGF)
$146,200 ($68,718,675) $40m 8th #13 bomb



Title Dom / World Budget Weeks Highest NOTE
Brittany Runs a Marathon (Ama) $7,031,252 ** 8th #13
The Climbers (WGUSA) $452,103
** 2nd #24
Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Par) $60,287,451
$49m 10th #4
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Sony) $139,713,534
$90m 12th #2
Roger Waters Us + Them (Tra) $610,341 ** 2nd #20


*POPCORN AWARD goes to the highest per theater average within the Top 25 List
**GOLDEN PERCENTAGE AWARD goes to the highest increase within the Top 25 List

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