February 26, 1986
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia



Wolf Creek (2005) Pool Party People 00zero-stars-small
2:37 (2006) Melody 00zero-stars-small
The Grudge 2 (2006) Vanessa Cassidy 00zero-stars-small
December Boys (2007) Lucy 00zero-stars-small
Restraint (2008) Dale
Bedtime Stories (2008) Violet Nottingham 00zero-stars-small
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) Becky Barnes
I Am Number Four (2011) Number Six
Take Me Home Tonight (2011)
Tori Frederking
Bear (short) (2011) Emelie 00zero-stars-small
Quirky Girl (short) (2011) Claire 00zero-stars-small
Wish You Were Here (2012) Steph McKinney 00zero-stars-small
Warm Bodies (2013) Julie Grigio
Love And Honor (2013) Candace 00zero-stars-small
Cut Bank (2014) Cassandra 00zero-stars-small
Part Per Billion (2014) Anna 00zero-stars-small
The Ever After (2014) Ava 00zero-stars-small
Kill Me Three Times (2014) Lucy Webb 00zero-stars-small
Knight Of Cups (2015) Karen
Point Break (2015) Samsara 00zero-stars-small
Too Legit (short) (2016) Kimmie 00zero-stars-small
The Choice (2016) Gabby Holland 00zero-stars-small
Triple 9 (2016) Michelle Allen 00zero-stars-small
Lights Out (2016) Rebecca 00zero-stars-small
Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Dorothy Schutte
Message from the King (2016) Kelly 00zero-stars-small
Berlin Syndrome (2017) Clare 00zero-stars-small
2:22 (2017) Sarah 00zero-stars-small
Ride Like A Girl (2018) Michelle Payne 00zero-stars-small



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