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Tuesday Releases: The Wolverine

DECEMBER 3RD, 2013 THE WOLVERINE // Expertly displayed as almost a stand-alone Wolverine film, I compare “The Wolverine” to a franchise film like “Skyfall” that gives us a deeper, emotional perspective on a character that we think we know inside and out. Bringing Logan (Hugh Jackman) to the world of the Yakuza and ninjas in Japan, not only does the story feel different from … Read More Tuesday Releases: The Wolverine


Theatrical Releases: Captain Phillips & Machete Kills

Easily the strongest thrilling drama of the year, “Captain Phillips” takes an otherwise stale newspaper headline and breathes a life into it that is perfect for the big screen. With a layered performance from Tom Hanks and a keen eye for the grand scale of things, Greengrass’ drama snowballs from a standard pirate hijacking to an intense escape from the Navy that ends in … Read More Theatrical Releases: Captain Phillips & Machete Kills