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Shout! Factory: November 2022 Titles Announced

NOVEMBER 1, 2022BLU-RAY+DVD STEELBOOK BELLE[Limited Edition Steelbook] 2021 | 122 min | Rated PG | English, JapaneseDirected by Mamoru Hosoda From the celebrated Academy Award®-nominated* director Mamoru Hosoda and Studio Chizu, creators of Mirai, Wolf Children, and Summer Wars, comes a fantastical, heartfelt story of growing up in the age of social media. Suzu is a shy, everyday high school student living in a … Read More Shout! Factory: November 2022 Titles Announced


Shout! Factory: August 2022 Titles Announced

August 2, 2022BLU-RAY Nadia: The Secret Of Blue Water: The Complete Series 1990 | 16 hrs | Not Rated | English, Japanese It’s 1889 and people from around the globe are flocking to Paris to see scientific achievements at the Exposition Universelle despite rumors of dangers lurking in the oceans. While attending the fair, teenaged inventor Jean meets Nadia, a mysterious girl who possesses … Read More Shout! Factory: August 2022 Titles Announced

Tuesday Releases: Licorice Pizza

LICORICE PIZZAUniversal Studios | 2021 | 133 min | Rated RDirected by Paul Thomas Anderson BUY: $19.99RENT: $5.99 BR: $24.49DVD: $17.96 BR: $24.99DVD: $22.99 BR: $24.99DVD: $19.99 BR: $24.49DVD: $17.96 OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS Licorice Pizza is the story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973. Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, … Read More Tuesday Releases: Licorice Pizza


Weekend Box Office: “Scream” Slashes “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Out of the Top Spot

January 14-16, 2022 BIGGEST WEEKEND: “SCREAM”$30,018,805 RUNNER-UP: “Spider-Man: No Way Home”$20,094,245 BIGGEST PER THEATER AVERAGE: “SCREAM”$8,192 per 3,664 THEATERs BIGGEST PERCENTAGE INCREASE: “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” +880.8% THIS TIME LAST YEAR (2020): “Wonder Woman 1984” (WEEK 3)$2,960,015 NEXT WEEKEND: “SCREAM” (2022)PROJECTED: $15 MILLION # TITLE GROSS TOTAL BUDGET STUDIO WK LW +/- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 … Read More Weekend Box Office: “Scream” Slashes “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Out of the Top Spot


Tuesday Releases: Blended

AUGUST 26TH, 2014 BLENDED // Looking at the progression from “The Wedding Singer” to “50 First Dates” to the newest installment in the pairing of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, “Blended”, it is made painfully clear how far off base the quality of the films have fallen. Where “The Wedding Singer” had likable characters and somewhat edgy jokes, “Blended” has flat, one-dimensional characters and is … Read More Tuesday Releases: Blended

Quick Review: Belle (2014)

BELLE BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAUGUST 26, 2014 Having starred in countless television movies and adding small supporting roles to recent films like “Larry Crowne” and “Odd Thomas”, actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw makes her first breakout leading performance in Amma Asante’s first film in almost a decade, the period piece titled “Belle”. Based on a 1779 painting of the real-life Dido Elizabeth Belle next to her cousin, … Read More Quick Review: Belle (2014)


Theatrical Releases: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A step down from the original, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” trades in delivering a solid stand alone film for building the foundation for a future franchise in the Sinister Six. Destroyed by its own advertising in giving away most of the twists and highlight action scenes and completely abandoning the best lines from the trailer (i.e. “isn’t that the question of the day”, “truth … Read More Theatrical Releases: The Amazing Spider-Man 2