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2014 Oscars Challenge: [25] Blue Jasmine – Three Nominations

Cate Blanchett Nominated Role: As Jasmine, Cate Blanchett portrays a formerly wealthy woman who moves in with her sister after the break-up of her marriage. The odds-on favorite to win, Cate Blanchett has won absolutely every award in her path to get here. Woody Allen obviously provides a fantastic screenplay but with Blanchett and her ability to bring Jasmine to life, this film would … Read More 2014 Oscars Challenge: [25] Blue Jasmine – Three Nominations


Tuesday Releases: Captain Phillips & Machete Kills

JANUARY 21ST, 2014 CAPTAIN PHILLIPS // Great film-making is taken for granted. With so many films coming out every week, audiences are dulled by the constant productions presented to them and in that comes an expectancy for every film they come across to entertain and stimulate as much as possible. The fact of the matter is, however, if you were to give one hundred … Read More Tuesday Releases: Captain Phillips & Machete Kills

Quick Review: Blue Jasmine (2013)

BLUE JASMINE BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAUGUST 20, 2013 Dark, quippy, and cathartic, “Blue Jasmine” is the epitome of a Woody Allen film. Forced to give up her lavish lifestyle with her mover-and-shaker husband, Hal (Alec Baldwin), Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) moves in with her lower-middle-class sister, Ginger (Sally Hawkins). There she teeters on the edge of her sanity, descending into alcoholism. “Blue Jasmine” is impressively intricate, … Read More Quick Review: Blue Jasmine (2013)


Theatrical Releases: The Wolverine

Honestly, the quality of the trailer for “Blue Jasmine” didn’t really matter since Woody Allen has more than earned my respect at this point. That being said, his newest venture looks just as good as all his previous films, putting Cate Blanchett in a world not that different from the famous “Streetcar Named Desire”. THEATER Expertly displayed as almost a stand-alone Wolverine film, I … Read More Theatrical Releases: The Wolverine