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Quick Review: The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

THE LINCOLN LAWYER BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLOCTOBER 27, 2013 Relying entirely on its cast of characters and the performances provided, “The Lincoln Lawyer” never quite reaches the level of genius but also never takes the simple ways out. Matthew McConaughey takes a turn as Mickey Haller, an attorney meandering in the grey area of the law. He accepts back alley payments from bikers, swindles clients … Read More Quick Review: The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

Quick Review: Runner Runner (2013)

RUNNER RUNNER BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLOCTOBER 19, 2013 Even if “Runner Runner” straddles the line between stale and refreshing, the ensemble cast alone is enough to get people in the seats. What initially drew me to the film was the villainous performance from Ben Affleck, which we are not privy to in most of his showings. But as Ivan Block, he’s allowed to be the … Read More Quick Review: Runner Runner (2013)