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Quick Review: Butter (2012)

BUTTER BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLSEPTEMBER 15, 2013 “Butter” is a star-studded jaunt into Midwest humor that doesn’t hit its mark but still entertains the number of recognizable faces it contains. In cameos, Hugh Jackman and Olivia Wilde show just how impressive they are, as they steal the show on more than one occasion, as does the young Yara Shahidi. The rest of the cast plays … Read More Quick Review: Butter (2012)


Tuesday Releases: The Dark Knight Rises

DECEMBER 4TH, 2012 THE DARK KNIGHT RISES // A masterpiece in storytelling and delivering one of the best third films in a series, ever, “The Dark Knight Rises” finds the perfect way to bring the franchise full circle. Openly Nolan’s last venture into the Batman lore, the film wraps up exquisitely, with the last 30 minutes of the film containing thoughtful reveals and twists, … Read More Tuesday Releases: The Dark Knight Rises


Theatrical Releases: Taken 2 & Frankenweenie

FRANKENWEENIE || Normally I would give films like this a chance, like “ParaNorman” earlier this year, but for one thing it resembles that film a little too closely and also the voice acting and animation just isn’t my thing. Tim Burton’s live-action films have always been appealing to me, but his animated films, not so much, as I am not a huge follower of … Read More Theatrical Releases: Taken 2 & Frankenweenie