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Quick Review: Plush (2013)

PLUSH BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLFEBRUARY 10, 2014 Without the talented Emily Browning, “Plush” would almost be unwatchable. But with her innocent style mixed with the precarious nature of her character, she becomes the focal point of this feature as Hayley, the rockstar that loses her brother/bandmate to drugs. Following a poorly received second album, Hayley begins an intimate connection with her new guitarist Enzo (Xavier … Read More Quick Review: Plush (2013)

Movie Review: Easy A (2010)

“Easy A” is a refreshing teen comedy that evokes the heart of classic 90′s teen dramas with the ability to remain current and relevant. Emma Stone at the helm of the film makes the experience entirely worth it. There are literary and cinematic references, both of which are wrapped with a smart and sexy bow on top.

Movie Review: The Experiment (2010)

Adrien Brody and Forest Whittaker are truly enough to make the film interesting, but if you lose their star power, the film would be just another episode of Veronica Mars (minus the beautiful Kristen Bell). If you have not yet experienced any form of this story associated with The Experiment, it would not hurt to catch a viewing of the film, as the plot is somewhat original, save for in the aforementioned media listed above.