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Quick Review: The Last Stand (2013)

THE LAST STAND BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLJANUARY 19, 2013 For starters, “The Last Stand” has a great cast. Perfect casting goes to Johnny Knoxville as the gun-collecting, bumbling idiot. Peter Stormare and Eduardo Noriega are both great villains, built up effectively to face the film’s protagonists, played entirely convincingly by Jaimie Alexander, Forest Whitaker, Luis Guzman, and of course, the star of the show, Arnold … Read More Quick Review: The Last Stand (2013)

Movie Review: The Experiment (2010)

Adrien Brody and Forest Whittaker are truly enough to make the film interesting, but if you lose their star power, the film would be just another episode of Veronica Mars (minus the beautiful Kristen Bell). If you have not yet experienced any form of this story associated with The Experiment, it would not hurt to catch a viewing of the film, as the plot is somewhat original, save for in the aforementioned media listed above.

Movie Review: Repo Men (2010)

REPO MEN BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLJULY 30, 2010 “Repo Men” is “Repo! The Genetic Opera” minus the opera‚Ķ Jude Law and Forest Whitaker enter the world of repossession, but instead of repossessing cars or furniture, they are living in the future of 2025, where repo men cut out your organs for defaulting on loan payments. The graphics of “Repo Men” is “Terminator: Salvation” meets “Hostel.” … Read More Movie Review: Repo Men (2010)