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Tuesday Releases: Paranormal Activity 4 & Seven Psychopaths

JANUARY 29TH, 2013 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 // Even with a new blonde lead, a slimmer Katie Featherston, and the use of webcams and Kinect sensors, “Paranormal Activity 4” does little to revitalize the series, with more fake-outs than actual scares, several moments that are not paced properly, including an incident with a knife that could have paid off tenfold had it held off longer, … Read More Tuesday Releases: Paranormal Activity 4 & Seven Psychopaths


Theatrical Releases: The Words

BACHELORETTE || If not for the impressive showing from the leading ladies, “Bachelorette” would be extremely lacking. The humor is female vulgarity at its finest, with an honesty of how manipulative ladies can be, even with their closest “friends”. There’s definitely a lot of inside humor or real-life experiences at play in the film, as the allusions to past events seem extremely close to … Read More Theatrical Releases: The Words