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New Trailer: Ghostbusters 3 (2020) – Official Teaser Trailer #1

GHOSTBUSTERS 3 SUMMER 2020 DIRECTED BY: JASON REITMAN Official Synopsis: A third entry in the original “Ghostbusters” series. Plot unknown. Starring: TBA Screenplay By: TBA TBA Based On: “Ghostbusters” by Ivan Reitman Cinematography By: TBA Music By: TBA Edited By: TBA Production Company: Columbia Pictures Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing Advertisements


Movie Review: Draft Day (2014)

DRAFT DAY Review by: Christopher HaskellSeptember 2, 2014 Before watching “Draft Day”, an exert from a David Denby, New Yorker review resonated in my mind: “Ivan Reitman’s dull-witted movie about the flurries of player trading on N.F.L. draft day might be a commercial for professional football.” Now, I did not find the film as “dull-witted” as David found it to be, but the fact … Read More Movie Review: Draft Day (2014)


Proof Review: No Strings Attached (2011)

Let’s get this out in the air before I even begin my review for the film “No Strings Attached”. We all should know by now what romantic comedies are for. We bring our dates to them, we go to catch a glimpse at Hollywood love, and we go to experience the lighter side of life. Yes, they normally end the same way, a feel good ending where love conquers all, but if they do not end that way, we feel robbed or cheated. Romantic comedies are not cinematic genius, but they still serve a purpose on a much different cinematic level and for that, they still command our respect.That being said, “No Strings Attached” is an above par romantic comedy with more heart than the trailers can project.