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Movie Review: Daydream Nation (2011)

DAYDREAM NATION BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLSEPTEMBER 9, 2012 Unsure of what this coming-of-age teenage drama is supposed to be, the performances barely make “Daydream Nation” tolerable through its 98-minute run-time. Kat Dennings plays a seventeen-year-old high school student, Caroline, who was moved from the city to a small town by her father. Unlike a similar premise in the television show “Suburgatory,” there is little humor … Read More Movie Review: Daydream Nation (2011)

Movie Review: Undertow (2004)

Green proves he has a gift of producing such different types of material, with none of his films resembling one another and he produces these on such a different level than most directors, becoming an independent director for the masses.

Movie Review: Stolen (2009)

STOLEN BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLAUGUST 6, 2010 Do not expect any “Mad Men” performances here. Jon Hamm rests his character of Donald Draper and plays police chief and father to a missing child, Tom Adkins. The story cuts between Hamm’s story and the parallel story that takes place 50 years earlier with Josh Lucas, playing father to three sons, Matthew Wakefield. When Wakefield is forced … Read More Movie Review: Stolen (2009)