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Movie Review: Due Date (2010)

Walking into Due Date, the stage had been set for me to experience a sub-par comedy. No high expectations were allotted for the film with few critics gleaming it an absolute knock-out like The Hangover. However, my actual recollection of the film brings up my argument about hype, and what it does for films and their audiences. Due Date was absolutely hilarious and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Movie Review: Trucker (2009)

TRUCKER BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLJUNE 23, 2010 “Trucker” is every Indie director’s dream; four or more well-known stars, a great original story, and a full future ahead. Trucker was James Mottern’s first feature film endeavor but not by appearance. Dramatic storytelling is an art-form: making viewers care about imaginary people and their predicaments is not easy. Yet there was an ease to falling in next … Read More Movie Review: Trucker (2009)