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Quick Review: Pitch Perfect (2012)

PITCH PERFECT BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLOCTOBER 19, 2013 Anna Kendrick is a beautiful and talented actress, but she isn’t even able to make “Pitch Perfect” any more than a lady-orientated comedy in the vein of “Glee” and “Bring It On.” Once again, with the rag-tag group of misfits who must work through their differences to win the championship, “Pitch Perfect” relies on the same hand … Read More Quick Review: Pitch Perfect (2012)


Tuesday Releases: Resident Evil Retribution & Total Recall

DECEMBER 18TH, 2012 ARBITRAGE // Richard Gere takes a villainous character and delivers a performance so captivating, and accompanied by such a well-written screenplay, that you’re often cheering for him to get away with his transgressions, no matter how severe. Tim Roth is excellent as the obsessive investigator, while Brit Marling proves gorgeous and brilliant with the little screen-time she is allotted. “Arbitrage” is … Read More Tuesday Releases: Resident Evil Retribution & Total Recall


Theatrical Releases: Taken 2 & Frankenweenie

FRANKENWEENIE || Normally I would give films like this a chance, like “ParaNorman” earlier this year, but for one thing it resembles that film a little too closely and also the voice acting and animation just isn’t my thing. Tim Burton’s live-action films have always been appealing to me, but his animated films, not so much, as I am not a huge follower of … Read More Theatrical Releases: Taken 2 & Frankenweenie