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Tuesday Releases: Dark Skies

MAY 28TH, 2013 DARK SKIES // “Dark Skies” is formulaic and borrows multiple concepts from dozens of films, but writer-director Scott Stewart still finds a way to make the most of this familiar story about the most unfamiliar of subjects; aliens. With themes galore and several key performances, specifically Keri Russell, who delves deep for this role, “Dark Skies” produces some hair-raising moments and … Read More Tuesday Releases: Dark Skies


Theatrical Releases: Pain and Gain & Mud

Normally, “At Any Price” would look like your run-of-the-mill Midwestern drama, but there’s something rich in this film that breathes from it’s trailer, not to mention the rave reviews pouring out for this film, not just from the late Roger Ebert, who calls director Ramin Bahrani “the best new American director of recent years”, but from many others including one from New York Post’s … Read More Theatrical Releases: Pain and Gain & Mud