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Stream Guide: The Rover & Baby Driver (July 20th, 2018)

THE ROVER on PRIME VIDEO This week’s list includes a documentary about Robin Williams, a spring break movie starring James Franco, and a foreign Western in the same vein as “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Before you see her in the “Venom” movie later this year, see Jenny Slate in a dark comedy titled “Obvious Child” on Netflix. Before he plays Mysterio … Read More Stream Guide: The Rover & Baby Driver (July 20th, 2018)


Spotlight: Ten Favorite Films Of 2014

Even though this was one of my busiest years yet, I still had time to see over 350 films, a third of which were released in 2014. I saw old classics that I had never seen before like “Amelie” and “Spirited Away” and new classics like “Birdman” and “Joe”. I completed my Oscar Challenge this past January-February, which was 46 days, 42 films, and … Read More Spotlight: Ten Favorite Films Of 2014

Quick Review: The Rover (2014)

THE ROVER BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLSEPTEMBER 23, 2014 Post-apocalypse has become so many things in cinema. Whether it is zombies or the fallout of some catastrophe, Hollywood seems obsessed with the idea. Flooding the theaters with these films, it becomes rare for any of these them to stand out. What becomes key is subtlety. Parring down, focusing on the characters rather than the changing world … Read More Quick Review: The Rover (2014)


Tuesday Releases: Neighbors

SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2014 NEIGHBORS // Unlike Adam Sandler, who, as he has gotten older, has gone from raunchy comedies to watered down family comedies, Seth Rogen continues to take steps deeper and deeper into the world of dirty comedies. As Mac, who is a loving husband to Kelly (Rose Byrne) and caring father to their little baby, Rogen pulls off this nice balance between … Read More Tuesday Releases: Neighbors


Theatrical Releases: 22 Jump Street & How To Train Your Dragon 2

“22 Jump Street” proves that it is not “always worse the second time around”, a quote from the Chief in the film played by Nick Offerman. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill return for another undercover adventure, making good on the promise at the end of the first film, as they head to college. The film has no way of surprising like “21 Jump Street” … Read More Theatrical Releases: 22 Jump Street & How To Train Your Dragon 2