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Movie Review: What If (2014)

WHAT IF BY CHRISTOPHER HASKELLJANUARY 2, 2015 “What If” or “When Wallace Met Chantry”: Can men and women just be friends? Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan attempt to answer this question in their latest romantic comedy, “What If”. Meeting at a party in Toronto and enjoying each other’s company, Wallace (Radcliffe) quickly discovers that his new crush, Chantry (Kazan), has a serious boyfriend. Thus … Read More Movie Review: What If (2014)


Tuesday Releases: The Expendables 3 & The Giver

NOVEMBER 25TH, 2014 THE EXPENDABLES 3 // Sylvester Stallone continues to help write and star in his bombastic action series, this time delivering the first PG-13 endeavor, “The Expendables 3”. Overloading the cast with even more action stars and even poking fun at that fact in the trailer, Stallone has officially outdone himself. With almost all of the former cast returning, including Jason Statham, Terry … Read More Tuesday Releases: The Expendables 3 & The Giver


Theatrical Releases: Guardians Of The Galaxy

All the marketing I have been seeing for “Get On Up” has been highlighting the fact that James Brown was a revolutionary musical artist, but fails to touch on the richness of the story, which I truly believe is there. With Tate Taylor (“The Help”) as director, reuniting with Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, and again introducing Chadwick Boseman, who played Jackie Robinson superbly … Read More Theatrical Releases: Guardians Of The Galaxy