December 17th, 1974
Los Angeles, California


Kip Raines, “Gone In 60 Seconds”


  1. Moberg, “The Rum Diary”
  2. Tim Briggs, “Contraband”
  3. Elliott, “Flight of the Phoenix”
  4. Donny, “Ted”
  5. Peter, “The Mod Squad”


1985 Young Artist Award Best Guest Actor in TV Series “Highway To Heaven” Nominated
1987-1990 Young Artist Award Best Actor in Comedy Series “My Two Dads” Nominated
1987-1990 Young Artist Award Best Actor Starring in TV Series “My Two Dads” Nominated
1993 Young Artist Award Best Actor Recurring in TV Series “The Wonder Years” Nominated
2000 Independent Spirit Award Best Supporting Actor “The Gift” Nominated
2000 Saturn Award Best Supporting Actor “The Gift” Nominated
2004 Saturn Award Best Supporting Actor “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” Nominated
2005-2008 Primetime Emmy Award Best Guest Actor in Comedy Series “My Name Is Earl” Nominated



The Outpost (1995) Scott 00zero-stars-small
SubUrbia (1996) Jeff 00zero-stars-small
That Thing You Do! (1996) Chad 00zero-stars-small
First Love, Last Rites (1997) Joey 00zero-stars-small
The Postman (1997) Bandit 20 00zero-stars-small
Lost Highway (1997) Steve V 00zero-stars-small
Saving Private Ryan (1998) T-5 Medic Irwin Wade 10five-stars-small
Some Girl (1998) Jason 00zero-stars-small
The Other Sister (1999) Daniel McMann 00zero-stars-small
The Mod Squad (1999) Peter 02one-stars-small
Boiler Room (2000) Seth Davis 00zero-stars-small
The Gift (2000) Buddy Cole 00zero-stars-small
Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) Kip Raines 08four-stars-small
The Virgin Suicides (2000) Narrator *Voice* 07threehalf-stars-small
According to Spencer (2001) Louis 00zero-stars-small
Heaven (2002) Filippo 00zero-stars-small
Basic (2003) Kendall 06three-stars-small
Cold Mountain (2003) Junior 00zero-stars-small
I Love Your Work (2003) Gray Evans 00zero-stars-small
Lost in Translation (2003) John 08four-stars-small
Masked and Anonymous (2003) Soldier 00zero-stars-small
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) Dexter “Dex” Dearborn 00zero-stars-small
Flight of the Phoenix (2004) Elliott 00zero-stars-small
Love’s Brother (2004) Angelo Donnini 00zero-stars-small
The Big White (2005) Ted 06three-stars-small
10th & Wolf (2006) Joey 00zero-stars-small
The Dead Girl (2006) Rudy 00zero-stars-small
The Dog Problem (2006) Solo 00zero-stars-small
Gardener of Eden (2007) Vic 00zero-stars-small
Perfect Stranger (2007) Miles Haley 02one-stars-small
Spirit of the Forest (2008) Cebolo 00zero-stars-small
Public Enemies (2009) Alvin Karpis 02one-stars-small
Avatar (2009) Parker Selfridge 03onehalf-stars-small
Middle Men (2010) Wayne Beering 07threehalf-stars-small
Columbus Circle (2010) Detective Paul Giardello 06three-stars-small
The Rum Diary (2011) Moburg 07threehalf-stars-small
Contraband (2011) Tim Briggs 07threehalf-stars-small
Ted (2012) Donny 08four-stars-small
Gangster Squad (2013) Conway Keeler 10five-stars-small
The Other Side (2013) Sean Splinter 00zero-stars-small
Waco (2013) David Koresh 00zero-stars-small
A Many Splintered Thing (2013) *unknown* 00zero-stars-small
A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) Edward 06three-stars-small
I Fought The Law (2014) Chris Long
Papa (2015) Ed Myers
Selma (2015) Lee C. White
Meadowland (2015) *unknown* 00zero-stars-small


Highway To Heaven (1985) Curtis Johnson 2 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Simon & Simon (1985) Kid #1
Episode: “The Skull of Nostradamus” 00zero-stars-small
Twilight Zone (1985) Teddy Episode: “The Beacon” 00zero-stars-small
The New Leave It To Beaver (1985-1989) Duffy Guthrie 15 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Sidekicks (1986-1987) Travis 4 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Married…With Children (1987-1988) Teddy 2 episodes 00zero-stars-small
My Two Dads (1987-1990) Cory Kupkus 30 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Blossom (1990-1991) Mitchell Episode: “Blossom Blossoms” 00zero-stars-small
Davis Rules (1991-1992) Skinner Buckley 16 episodes 00zero-stars-small
The Positively True Adventures (1993) Pete Reyes 15 episodes 00zero-stars-small
The Wonder Years (1993) Jeff Bilings 2 episodes 00zero-stars-small
The Commish (1993) Joey Burke 6 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Family Album (1993) Elvis DeMattis 2 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Walker, Texas Ranger (1994) Tony Kingston 2 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Ellen (1994) Cashier Episode: “Pilot” 00zero-stars-small
The X-Files (1995) Darin Peter Oswald Episode: “D.P.O.” 00zero-stars-small
Marker (1995) Eddie Episode: “Dead Man’s Marker” 00zero-stars-small
Chicago Hope (1995) Michael Weber
Episode: “Every Day a Little Death” 00zero-stars-small
Friends (1996-2004) Frank Buffay, Jr. 9 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Tracy Takes On… (1996) Dad Episode: “Family” 00zero-stars-small
The Hunger (1999) Eddie Foden Episode: “Sanctuary” 00zero-stars-small
My Name Is Earl (2005-2009) Ralph Mariano 6 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Entourage (2008) Nick 2 episodes 00zero-stars-small
Memphis Beat (2010) Gene Templer Episode: “One Night of Sin” 00zero-stars-small
Family Guy (2013) Randy *Voice*
Episode: “Call Girl” 00zero-stars-small
Dads (2013-2014) Warner *Main Cast* (18 episodes)


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