Review by Christopher Haskell
December 29, 2009

A visually stimulating, subpar suspense-thriller. From the start of the film, you know that you are in for scenic Hawaiian views with twists and turns, both literally and metaphorically.

The film wastes no time delving into the rigamarole of the human perception. Almost in a tropical version of Clue, you try to decipher who the killers are through assumptions and storytelling. Every character in this film seems to be giving the main characters shifty eyes.

The acting was handled well. Timothy Olyphant (“Gone In 60 Seconds” & “The Girl Next Door”) stuck out the most for me. Though his acting was over the top at times, his presence in the film made the entire trip worth it. Steve Zahn & Milla Jovovich as the leading stars add some credibility to the otherwise “B-side” horror film.

Chris Hemsworth & Marley Shelton as drifters and a little feminine power from Kiele Sanchez and you’ve got the mix for a star-studded adventure.

Director David Twohy has fun with this film. There is some original camera-work at play in this film, both good and bad. The most entertaining of these effects was a fight sequence where the camera jerks towards two characters wrestling over a gun and a knife. Not so entertaining was a sequence of cuts between three running characters that seemed too psychedelic, taking you out of the ambiance.

With a film that advertises the twist ending, you realize it will either be far-fetched or blatant. This film takes the far-fetched route in that it must take you back through the film to explain its reasoning, which was like forcefully watching the entire film again. Sadly, I called the ending from a mere viewing of the trailer.

Don’t expect the greatest thriller of all time, but take the $3.00 trip to Hawaii for the 98 to 108 minutes (depending on Theatrical or Director’s Cut) and enjoy the ride.

August 7, 2009

David Twohy

David Twohy

Rogue Pictures
Relativity Media

$14 million

(for graphic violence, language including sexual references and some drug use)


107 minutes


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