Up For: Best Achievement in Costume Design

Before committing to the Oscar Challenge, I scanned the list of Feature Films I would have to watch. Several categories looked like they would be torture. Costume Design was one of those categories.

You read a title like Coco Before Chanel and the first thing that came to my mind at least was “torture”. I thought to myself “this is going to be a test”. The image of pulling my teeth out watching some of these films haunted me.

After viewing Coco Before Chanel… absolutely fantastic.

The story is a tad overused, but the costume design was absolutely amazing. Not only that, but the cinematography and set design were gorgeous as well.

For a film about a famous designer, I expected nothing less than perfection in costume design. I was not let down. The films got stiff competition however. Nine & Young Victoria are surely going to be fore-runners in the taking of the title Best Costume Design.

Oscars aside, great film. I was impressed that a film with such a bland-sounding title kept be engaged throughout the whole piece. The film felt the right amount of historically accurate (I know absolutely nothing about Chanel besides that it involves clothing) and cinematic experience. The visuals are crisp, the story engaging, and the acting is wonderful. (Did not know that Audrey Tautou was also co-star in The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks). The male actors are exquisite as well.

Honestly, I would absolutely recommend this film to anyone… please do not get it confused with the Lifetime original Coco Chanel film that is also out starring Brigitte Boucher. I cannot vouch for that one. Maybe it’s good, I would not know. Haha.



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