Review by: Christopher Haskell
June 22, 2010

Right off the bat, let me make it clear that I have yet to view the original (not from a lack of effort however). From what I hear, the original is not that great. Sam Worthington has made quite the action adventure run in the last year with Terminator: Salvation, Avatar, and now Clash of the Titans. Great resume as of late. Gemma Arterton falls into that category as well. Her voice, her beauty, topped with a great performance in Clash, as well as Prince of Persia, makes her a viable commodity in the action adventure genre.

The graphics of the film are stunning and truly show where Hollywood is at special effects related. Giant scorpions. Pegasus. Medusa. And the gargantuan Kraken. Each monster felt significant and overwhelming. Not only were the graphics acceptable, particular make-up was awe-inspiring as well. The Stygian witches were grotesque, Hades was threatening, and wounds were completely damaging. The only make-up that was forced was that of the Djinn which was laughable, yet I imagine they were a step up from those in the original and Calibos, which was less terrifying and more questionable.

The story was righteous. Greek mythology has always interested me. I found myself at an advantage of having played the God of War franchise on Playstation 3 which delves deep into the world of mythology. The story of gods, demigods, titans, and man is compelling and never-ending. Clash satisfies the nerdiest of Greek mythology connoisseurs, though coming from the friend I saw the film with, a lot of the film’s storyline is not part of actual Greek mythology. Ultimately, I would view this film again. Cannot wait to view the original and compare them, though I am positive they are not much in comparison. Only miss this if you are not into Greek mythology.

April 2, 2010

Louis Leterrier

Travis Beacham
Phil Hay
Matt Manfredi

“Clash of the Titans” by Beverley Cross

Warner Bros. Pictures

$125 million

(for fantasy action violence, some frightening images and brief sensuality)


106 minutes


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