Release Date
November 20, 2009
Lukas Moodysson
Lukas Moodysson
Distributed By
Sonet Film
$10 million
Drama, Foreign, Indie, Romance
Rated NR
125 minutes


Enter into Mammoth with an open mind. The film is slow and rather uneventful, yet real and inspiring. No stunning performances or moments that stuck out. The film felt natural and gave off a documentary-like quality. The story is nicely done, with the editing a huge factor in the storytelling. Every cut mattered. Each cut directed your attention to some portion of dialogue that proved significant. The nanny would talk of her children followed by a cut to her children. The entire movie played like this and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The quality I most enjoyed in the film was its depth. I sunk very deep into this film, with little aspects like the mammoth ivory pen costing $3,000 while the nanny’s children lived in poverty (and then he loses the damn thing… well sort of). The film brings many aspects of life to light like astronomy, science, and the fact that dolphin calls apparently help insomniacs to sleep (minus Michelle Williams). The film is gritty, with all the characters interrelated, yet somehow all unrelated. A thought provoking film from Lukas Moodysson in his first English piece.


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