Release Date
February 5, 2010
Pierre Morel
Adi Hasak
Based On A Story By
Luc Besson
Distributed By
$52 million
Action, Adventure, Crime, Foreign, Thriller
Rated R for strong bloody violence, drug content, pervasive language and brief sexuality
92 minutes

From Paris With Love

After watching From Paris With Love on two separate occasions, I found that if you can stomach the Travolta-less first twenty minutes, you are left with nothing but explosions, over-the-top dialogue, and cheesy twist after cheesy twist. In not his best venture, Travolta plays bald man Charlie Wax, the “bad” good guy whose unorthodox way of settling issues produces the only interesting points of the film. Compared to Travolta’s more known parts, this one does not even compare, despite a reference straight out of Pulp Fiction. I definitely could have done without Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whose lack of spontaneity in his part left him dry and uneventful.

Not sure where the title comes from as you are never quite sure you are in Paris besides from dialogue and love really has little to do with the film. Besides a funny predicament with Meyers carrying around a flower vase full of cocaine and Travolta taking a point blank gunshot at a woman at the dinner table, the two men against the world fight scenes were not enough to keep this film interesting. Unless you enjoy Travolta immensely, miss this film.



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