JULY 16, 2010

Tell me you have never wanted to be a rugged cowboy riding your horse through the wild west. Even as a child you may have dressed up in a cowboy hat and sheriffs badge and galloped your wooden stick horse around the living room. “Red Dead Redemption” is the living enigma of all your childhood dreams.

The character this time around is bad ass gunslinger, John Marston. Hard jawed and grizzly, Marston is forced out of the settled life of a retired bank robber into hunting down his former gang members and delivering them to the rising justice, two bowler hat wearing, pencil pushing law enforcement. With his family held hostage until the deed is done, Marston has no choice but to cooperate. The fact of the matter is Marston is good at what he does. Meeting many distinct characters along the way, Marston finds that the days of the wild west are numbered, but there is still room for one last epic showdown.

Ride your trusty steed around the countryside, play a hand of Texas hold ’em or liar’s dice in a hole-in-the-wall bar where your life may be the wager, or use you itchy trigger finger to shoot a list of wild animals including wild boar and grizzly bears. No gamer has ever run an open world like this. The story in “Redemption” will invest even the most sparing of players. The character’s have a strong voice, with help from the writing department and voice acting coaches. As the game plays out, you are almost torn to leave your colleagues behind. The end of the story will completely solidify your love for the originality of the game. Even when you think the game is over, there is an entire road still waiting.

“Red Dead Redemption” is the most unique video game experience I have encountered since “Borderlands.” “Grand Theft Auto” meets the wild west, Rockstar Games reveals their formula for success; throw a character into an open world and let that world unfold around them.

May 18, 2010

Steve Martin
David Kunkler

Christian Cantamessa

Rockstar Games

(for blood, intense violence, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, and use of drugs)


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