Release Date
June 4, 2010
Neil Jordan
Neil Jordan
Distributed By
Paramount Vantage
Magnolia Pictures
$12 million
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Rated PG-13 for some violence, sensuality and brief strong language
111 minutes


Colin Farrell emerges in this contemporary and live action interpretation of mermaid lore, playing a lonely fisherman, Syracuse. Within the first ten minutes of the film you know what you are embarking into. The water scenery is captivating, the richness of the picture hooks you, and Syracuse reeling in an unconscious woman in his fishing nets prepares you for this emotional and unique dramatic undertaking.

Syracuse has a daughter , Annie (Alison Barry) living with liver failure which warrants her the freedom to take liberties as our heart melts over her adorable nature and vast imagination. These liberties allow for the inference that Ondine (Alicja Bachleda), what the woman from the nets requests to be called, is in fact a mermaid. Annie’s quest to prove herself right, as she power chairs her way around the small fishing community adds to the captivation of the entire film.

Ondine is low key, unworried about ruining the relaxed nature by muddying it up with useless suspense until the very shocking end of the film. No other film has ever caused such a childish smile following its conclusion, causing for re-examination of the entire film. No matter how you approach Ondine, Colin Farrell’s continued talent cannot be argued and Alicja Bachleda’s emergence is fresh and brilliant. In a sea of overpopulated films, Ondine is a vivid and unconventional catch.

[Directed by Neil Jordan] [PG-13] [111 mins] [4 June 2010] 09fourhalf-stars

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