For a brilliant film about bank robberies, “The Town” got robbed. Walking out of the theater after the third time seeing “The Town”, I knew it would be up for an Oscar. I imagined Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Leading Actor-Ben Affleck, and Best Supporting Actor-Jeremy Renner, maybe even Best Cinematography. Then January 25th rolls around, the day of the Oscar nomination announcements, and what do we get? Best Supporting Actor-Jeremy Renner. What?!

“The Town” is a brilliant, dramatic film with action overlays. His second directing gig ( his first being the Oscar nominated (for a performance by Amy Ryan) “Gone Baby Gone”), Ben Affleck takes the lead in the film as well and proves outstanding at both. The story is enthralling, the film is utterly gorgeous, and the acting throughout is sensational. But all we get from it is the performance by Jeremy Renner, the same man that was nominated for Best Lead Actor from last year’s “The Hurt Locker”. I have to say I am greatly disappointed and even though I am happy the film did not get completely snubbed (like “Shutter Island”), it still leaves a sore spot.

Christian Bale will sweep the Supporting Actor category and even tough guy Jeremy Renner can not beat the ethereal performance by Bale in “The Fighter”. Renner has become a typecast of the man with the fast mouth and the fists to back it up. In “The Hurt Locker” Renner was the wild man, unafraid of the tasks at hand and willing to take risks. In “The Town”, Renner is the wild card, ready to fly off the handle at any time. He definitely is the biggest character in both films and even though he is the only nomination out of this year’s production, he still deserves the recognition.

Personally, “The Town” was one of my favorite films of the year. It was simply a masterpiece and it is a damn shame that the Academy did not feel the same way. Perhaps no one can take Affleck seriously, as he was never nominated for his “Gone Baby Gone” endeavor either. Regardless, “The Town” must remain number one in our hearts and a big fat zero on Oscar night.



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