SUPER 8 || JUNE 10th, 2011

It’s an alright weekend for films. The blockbuster onslaught of the summer is taking a breather this week and letting “Super 8” take charge. With three foreign releases (four if you count “Just Like Us”) this week is dominated by the out-of-towners. Solid as the foreign films appear, “Super 8” dominates the box office this weekend by far, with “The Trip” probably bringing at least something to the table.

SUPER 8|| Easily the biggest release this week, “Super 8” has already been getting rave reviews. Produced by Steven Spielberg and written/directed by J.J. Abrams, how could it possibly be bad? Set in the late 70’s, “Super 8” revolves around a super 8 camera, a group of kids, a train crash, and the odd occurrences following this disaster. I will be seeing this very soon. THEATER

BRIDE FLIGHT || A New Zealand foreign film that is releasing this week, about three women in post-WWII Holland. If the quality of the advertising graphics of any indication of the film, I have a feeling this will be a good one. Apparently this film premiered in 2008 in Belgium and the United States must just be getting it now. STREAM
IRONCLAD || Here’s another oldie just hitting the theaters. From what I read, this film was being planned in 2008, started shooting 2009, and somehow is just coming out of the gate now. Described as “300” meets “Braveheart”, I am quite skeptical that it will be either of those. Yet again, however, the movie poster is brilliantly structured to get me to see it. Paul Giamatti’s in it, so I will probably give it a try, but other than that, it has a fairly unknown cast. STREAM
JUDY MOODY AND THE NOT BUMMER SUMMER || Gag me. With “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” coming off as a book turned movie success (success as in it got a sequel so it must be doing well), I suppose we saw more of these child book adaptations coming. This appears to be the girls’ version of the “Wimpy Kid” series and topped off with Heather Graham as the crazy aunt. Though Ebert gave it 2 stars, he pretty much says it is aimed at a very young audience. PASS
JUST LIKE US || This film’s description intrigues me, explaining its purpose is to show that Arabs have a sense of humor. Misconceptions and racial stereotypes still plague our society today, so any film that promises to shed light on this deems at least some recognition. Not very high on my list of films to see, but perhaps when it hits Netflix. PASS
THE TRIP || Though I am not a huge fan of either Steve Coogen or Rob Brydon, a road comedy directed by Michael Winterbottom (I loved “The Killer Inside Me”) peaks my interest. The description makes the film sound delightful, as Coogen is asked to tour the country’s finest restaurants and being stuck with Brydon on the trip when his girlfriend backs out. Again, I am in no hurry to see this film, but it still interests me. RENT
TROLLHUNTER || Now here is a foreign film that I very much want to see. The poster alone should warrant some interest in viewing this film. A Norwegian film shot in the shaky camera style that is becoming synonymous with creature, horror films, “Trollhunter” delves into the world of government cover ups and the existence of trolls. Just seeing the troll portrayed on the movie poster is honestly going to make me find this film and see it as soon as possible. Surprise, surprise, however that Hollywood is already planning the American remake. THEATER
VIVA RIVA! || Yet another foreign film hitting the screens this weekend. This being a gangster film set in Congo, count me in for seeing it at some point in the future. Again, the description and movie poster alone grab my attention. STREAM


  • Super 8
  • Trollhunter


  • The Trip


  • Bride Flight
  • Ironclad
  • Viva Riva!


  • Joody Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer
  • Just Like Us

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