GREEN LANTERN || JUNE 17th, 2011

Again, not a great week for brand new films. The documentaries appear to reign supreme this week and it is a nice shift to have that be the case. There is something for everyone this weekend for the most part, with “Green Lantern” definitely setting up to make some money with the superhero and 3D thing for males, ages 10-30, Ryan Reynolds for the ladies, and basically the only thing major to really come out this week, drawing in the rest. Let’s hope that the upcoming weeks start to pick up a little. I am holding out for “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon”.

GREEN LANTERN || Space creatures and superheroes just do not jive with me. I have complete faith in Ryan Reynolds pulling off his parts, but seriously, there is something about mixing space and superheroes that turns me off of the product. Claim blasphemy, but the same concept turns me off of Superman as a concept. I want to be rooted in to something that actually could happen. That is why Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is superhero perfection in my eyes. Blake Lively is rising to the ranks of next best thing, first with her unrecognizable performance in “The Town” and now this, I am liking that the Gossip Girl is growing into a cinema actress. So, we with my preconceived negative outlook on the film and the blossoming poor reviews, I am really hard-pressed to say I will be seeing this anytime soon. THEATER
MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS || If I had a kid, I am sure I would totally take them to this, but picturing myself sitting in the theater viewing this on my own just feels wrong. Jim Carrey is hilarious and if any actor could pull off a ridiculous film like this, it is definitely him, but I am iffy on whether or not I can get around the PG Rated nature of this film. There are moments when Carrey’s grandiose comedic style that we have grown to love over the years hints through like being caught on surveillance video tape tossing a penguin with a demented smile on his face or reaching a point of complete insanity that only Carrey can pull off, but the plot of the film might just be too kiddie for me. Regardless, this might just be a guilty pleasure rental when it is released on DVD.

THE ART OF GETTING BY || Here’s all I know about this new release: the kid from those odd “Arthur and the Invisibles” movies, as well as “August Rush” and “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory”, Freddie Highmore, partners up with the cute Emma Roberts in Gavin Wiesen’s first feature film. Apparently Alicia Silverstone plays a teacher which tells me I am getting old and the film centers around Highmore’s hatred of homework and his unexpected relationship with Roberts, whom he has a crush on (who doesn’t). The film did come from Sundance and was picked up by Fox Searchlight Pictures, which does it give it more street-cred, but I will definitely be waiting for this one to hit DVD. STREAM
BUCK || Another great documentary this week, I actually caught an advanced screening of the film and entirely enjoyed it. “Buck” is filled with so much heart and life lessons, but also comedy and suspense. Sure, most of the film is Buck Brannaman training horse after horse (and if you’re completely not into horses, than you might not enjoy the film), but horses on very far down on my list of things I really care about, and I absolutely adored this documentary. It is the majestic nature of the humble Buck that really keeps you invested in the film and it is a film that truly could make a difference if enough people watched it and felt something during. I will be owning the film when it is released, I will be praying it makes the Oscar cut, and I strongly suggest if you can see this film, to do so. THEATER
KIDNAPPED || Our only foreign film of the week, “Kidnapped” apparently is rather shocking with brutality and horrific nature. Coming out of Spain, I can say, with the reviews I have grazed, my interest is peaked. I dread having to endure gore for gore’s sake, but foreign films consistently tend to steer towards actually being good at it. STREAM
PAGE ONE: INSIDE THE NEW YORK TIMES || This is a documentary that I will definitely be seeing. Perhaps not in theaters or not until it reaches the cheap seats, but a film about the dying newspaper business and its struggle throughout the years is very intriguing. There is a light-hearted nature to the film and a very voyeuristic look into a business that I know very little about, but would love to know absolutely everything there is to know. I am very excited to see this film. THEATER


  • Buck
  • Green Lantern
  • Page One: Inside The New York Times


  • Mr. Popper’s Penguins


  • The Art Of Getting By
  • Kidnapped


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