(June 12th – June 18th)

Cut down the list from 15 to 10, just because there was a lack of good content added this week. A few of these were simply rated well on the website, so I thought I would throw them in here.


10 ) Lost in America (1985)
Having come across this while putting together the list for this week, this comedy written by, directed by, and starring Albert Brooks has a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. About a couple fed up with their dead-end lives, they embark on a comical trip across the country.



9 ) VR Troopers (1994-1996)
Following the success of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,the creators (Saban) developed this new show called Virtual Reality Troopers. The show got two seasons and really only made my list because the day I watch this will be to relive my childhood.



8 ) Spy Hard (1996)
A James Bond parody with the late, great Leslie Nielsen, yes, please.



7 ) Sweet Karma (2009)
“A mute Russian girl infiltrates Toronto’s underground sex trade to avenge the death of her sister.” This film sounds just crazy enough to work. Having come across it mere moments ago, reading the description was enough to make me want to see this film. Though the look of the film appears to lack quality, the half-naked woman on the front has to be good… right?



6 ) Eric Clapton: Crossroads Guitar Festival (2010)
Eric Clapton… enough said.



5 ) Meet Bill (2007)
From what I remember about this film, it isn’t half bad. Starring Aaron Eckhardt, Jessica Alba, and Elizabeth Banks, a film with that many stars is at least watchable.



4 ) Harry Brown (2009)
Michael Caine in his very own Gran Torino role, this film takes what Clint Eastwood portrayed and carries it to the next level in an extremely gripping revenge thriller.



3 ) Nice Guy Johnny (2010)
So here’s the deal: I saw the title of this film and could not recall where I remember this film from. There was something particular about this film that caught my eye how many every months or years ago, and for the life of me I cannot recollect. It is directed by Edward Burns, who I enjoy, which could have been the signifier, but otherwise, I believe this is high on my list of things to watch, if only to figure out the mystery of where I remember it from.



2 ) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The Complete Series (1993-1996)
Last week, the feature film was released on Netflix, and even though I probably could have written that pick off as a joke, the ENTIRE SERIES got released today and I can no longer claim ambiguity. Very soon, I will be reliving my favorite childhood television show, remembering all the villains and all my action figures that are stowed away nicely at my parents home. If you cannot tell, I am super pumped for this pick.



1 ) Vanishing on 7th Street (2010)
Though I have a feeling this film might not be any good, the plot is just different enough to hook me. Hayden Christiansen and John Leguizamo are enough of a selling point for me, but toss in a supernatural thriller, and I am sold. I have been waiting to see this for quite sometime and am excited to jump in. I will let you know what I think of it.



Must-Sees Expiring Next Week



Walkabout (1971)
A great film about aboriginals in Australia.



Starship Troopers (1997)
A good little science fiction flick about battling aliens. Denise Richards is about its only pertinent star in the film, which does not say much, but it is still worth a viewing.



The Pillars of Earth (2010)
Do not know much about this mini-series, other than Ian McShane stars in it and it looks just intriguing enough to get me to at least give it a try.



Sleepers (1996)
Kevin Bacon. Robert De Niro. Dustin Hoffman. Brad Pitt. I will be seeing this again before it leaves Netflix. With a cast like that, it is hard to deny the sheer persuasion of star power.



Sunshine Cleaning (2008)
An absolutely touching little film about two sisters who, due to lack of any better options, clean up crime scenes as a side job. Amy Adams and Emily Blunt pull off their roles wonderfully and make this little dramatic comedy the perfect independent film that it is.



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