JULY 26TH, 2011

Not a great week for DVD/Blu-Ray release, with only one worthwhile title in “Source Code” (4 Stars), Duncan Jones’ newest release starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, and Vera Farmiga. One of the best movies released in April and topping my list of best films released this year, Jones proves significant on only his second endeavor as director, with the Sam Rockwell space odyssey entitled “Moon” being his first.

Though I will probably purchase “Source Code”, the rest of the releases are rather dull, with “Dylan Dog: Dead of Night” remaining the only title I have actually heard of. There is a special “Burn Notice” DVD releasing as well as (God help us) another season of the “hit” MTV series “Jersey Shore”.

These weeks are tough with the poor selection of new releases, but it is weeks like these that let you do other things, like catch up on your Netflix Instant queues. It also helps to save your paychecks from having to buy everything good that comes out like I do.

New Releases

  • Dylan Dog: Dead of Night
  • Ironclad
  • Jackboots on Whitehall
  • The King of Fighters
  • Life During Wartime: Criterion
  • Mao’s Last Dancer
  • Source Code
  • Trust

TV Box Set

  • Alice: Season One
  • Best Of Collection: Here’s Lucy
  • The Bretts: The Mini-Series
  • Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe
  • Conan the Adventurer: Season One
  • Dennis the Menace: Season Two
  • Epitafios: Season Two
  • Herculoids: Complete Series
  • The Honeymooners: The Lost Episodes
  • Jersey Shore: Season Three
  • Jetsons Meet the Flintstones
  • Mandrake: Seasons One & Two
  • The Street: Season Two
  • Supernatural: The Anime Series
  • Wish Me Luck: Season Three

Special Editions/Other Releases

  • 24 Hours to Kill
  • American Bully
  • American Grindhouse
  • Assignment to Kill
  • Avalance Express
  • Barely Legal
  • BFF
  • Big Box of Wood
  • Bio-Dead
  • Bodyguards and Assassins
  • Born to Ride
  • Breaking Point
  • Conqueror
  • The Cycle
  • The Darkotica Series
  • Dark of the Sun
  • The Dead and the Damned
  • The Death of Andy Kaufman
  • Devil Dogs: Hound of Hell
  • Double Crossed
  • Double Man
  • Empty
  • The Fish Child
  • Fishnet
  • Flesh Wounds
  • Ghost from the Machine
  • Goblin
  • Heart of the West
  • Heartbeats
  • Invasion of the Blood Farmers
  • Kona Coast
  • Leon Morin, Priest: Criterion
  • Love Express
  • Machete Maidens Unleashed
  • Mark of Love
  • Masquerades
  • Matrimony
  • Monamour: Special Edition
  • My Big Break
  • Nightmare: 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Once Before I Die
  • Park Benches
  • Popcorn
  • Prayer to a Vengeful God
  • The Sentiment of Flesh
  • Shaitan
  • Shake
  • Shirley Adams
  • Straight Boys Gay Boys Collection
  • Torso
  • Tortilla Flat
  • Turbulent Skies
  • We Are What We Are
  • Weapon Masters
  • Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up
  • Women Do It Better
  • Zokkomon

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