Original Air Date
November 7, 2011
Kate Woods
Written By
John C. Kelley
Network Aired
Fox Network
Drama, Medical

House M.D.: Season 8
Ep 5: “The Confession”

Part of the old team is back this week on House, with Taub and Chase returning to their old positions. Though the gimmick of “One Year Later” does not always work for television, in this case, since we have gotten to know most of these characters so well, having some time since we have seen them last becomes enjoyable.

Though Chase has rarely ever stuck out through the course of this series, in this episode he shines. This could possibly be because the people around him are less strong or because he’s the most familiar face on the team now, but I like to think his character is finally coming around, with Chase having the revelation of diagnosis in this episode.

By now we know that the patients and their illnesses can get a little repetitive, but now their actions while in the hospital are constantly becoming part of their diagnosis and this week proved that once again. The “everybody lies” aspect of House’s vernacular of wisdom is being highlighted constantly in this season, especially with this week’s patient, who, once he starts telling the truth, cannot stop.

Still not sold on Foreman as Dean of Medicine, he is basically their to continue doing all the things that Cuddy used to do, but instead, since he’s a “fresh” face for that particular role, we get a recycling of all those classic Cuddy/House moments but without the deep seeded emotions, which I could honestly do without. I miss Cuddy and without another strong actor somewhere in that hospital (which, since we know money was what drove Edelstein away, that there probably isn’t budget for a strong lead), the series feels like it’s dwindling. I pray, pray, pray this is not the final season as I feel that such a strong series deserves a proper send off and I am not sure this season will do that.

The ending to “The Confession” is absolutely hilarious and, though not worth the build-up throughout the entire episode, still very funny. I am not sure that the joke will go beyond its reveal and if it does, it still does not hold much ground for creating interesting television.

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