The Muppets

Charming and nostalgic, Jason Segel’s The Muppets brings back to life all the old characters and gags, blending them nicely with a new story and plenty of new personalities. The film reaches levels of inspiration that few others can brag about, not only inspiring with all the old Muppets get back together for one last show to save the Muppets Studio from the evil oil-hungry Tex Richman (Chris Cooper), but also the culmination of writer and actor Jason Segel’s dream of making a Muppet movie. Segel’s story plays out quite literally in the film, though it happens through the character Walter, who is a muppet but not a Muppet.

Though the new characters read paper-thin at times (Jason Segel and Amy Adams in particular) and the entire film lacks the grandiose feel that I had hoped for, there are enough award-worthy songs (including my favorites: “Life’s A Happy Song”, “Pictures In My Head”, and the return of “The Rainbow Connection”) and heart-warming moments to make the film enjoyable. Whether you are laughing at the film poking fun at itself with “traveling by map” and constantly being self-aware or the truly touching moments during the Hollywood Boulevard number, the film really does have something for all ages, bringing in a new generation that has probably never even heard of The Muppet Show while staying true to Jim Henson’s original ideas and honoring him well.

Release Date: November 23, 2011 || Director: James Bobin || Distributed By: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Comedy, Family, Musical
Rated PG for some mild rude humor
103 minutes



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