Just the fact that Demian Bichir was nominated was enough for me. Though I suppose I would have rather seen Michael Shannon or Michael Fassbender in this category for their amazing performances this year, the recognition of Bichir in such a small film is still justified and is what makes the Academy Awards interesting.

Bichir plays single father, Carlos, who is working to keep he and his son afloat in the metropolis that is Los Angeles. Working as a gardener and tree-trimmer, Carlos is given the opportunity to buy a truck and become his own boss, opening up worlds of possibilities for he and his son. However, Carlos isn’t a U.S. citizen and therefore runs the gamble of being deported if caught driving without a license. So when tragedy strikes and someone steals Carlos’ truck, the moving performance of Demian Bichir truly surfaces.

Though I do not hold much hope for Bichir’s chances of winning (he was lucky to get nominated), I am glad I was given a reason to see the film “A Better Life” and I will continue to enjoy the small spotlight that gets aimed at small films each year by the Academy Awards.

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