By now, if Christopher Plummer winning for his performance in “Beginners” isn’t a sure thing, I don’t know what is. Not only did Plummer win the Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actor, but as of last night, he also won the Screen Actors Guild award in the same category. With Albert Brooks being snubbed and out of the picture, there is absolutely no reason Plummer won’t win this award. Every year there’s a category where it’s basically a sure thing and this year it’s Best Supporting Actor. I loved “Beginners” and wished i had gotten more Academy attention, but since it didn’t, I will settle for Plummer taking home this award.

This will be Christopher Plummer’s second nomination for an Academy Award (his first was also for Best Supporting Actor in 2009 for “The Last Station” playing Leo Tolstoy) and this year’s Oscars will be his first win. His performance as the widower father who comes out to son (Ewan McGregor) as having been gay his entire life, then passing away several years later, has captured the Academy’s eye (as well as most critics and audiences alike). I am willing to say that no other actor in this category will hold a candle to Plummer’s performance and I am willing to lock this category down.

Christopher Plummer for the win.

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