Without “The Adventures of Tintin” in contention, “Rango” basically has a lock on this category. Unless “Puss In Boots” can rally an upset, “Rango” is the odds-on favorite. Since “The Adventures of Tintin” won the Golden Globe award in this same category, there is no drawing a favorite from that. Personally, my pick would have went to “Tintin”. It was the superior animated film. I watch “Rango” and though I enjoy it, it just does not feel like an Academy Award winning film, the likes of “Up” or “Toy Story 3”. Looking at the rest of the category doesn’t give much hope. The foreign films will probably not gain enough steam to take the award, “Kung Fu Panda 2” is about the caliber as the first film, and “Puss In Boots” is really the only animated film that could even pose a threat. Looking at the critics awards from the year, “Rango” split everything evenly with “Tintin”, so once again, my early lock will go on “Rango” taking it all, despite not carrying much worth awarding.

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