One of the shockers of the Oscar nominations, “Bridesmaids” is normally not the type of film that gets recognized by the Academy. The main reason it surprised me is that it’s a comedy, which are rarely recognized by this awards ceremony, let alone given one of the highly acclaimed nomination spots. However, up against the likes of Woody Allen with “Midnight In Paris” along with “The Artist” in full contention, “Bridesmaids” has little to no chance of winning. But it was definitely fun while it lasted, giving a hilarious comedy the light of day that it deserves.

Another surprise, any nominations that “Bridesmaids” received was a blessing. Melissa McCarthy’s performance is definitely the definition of Best Supporting Actress, making this film so much better with her presence, adding a strange sense of humor that carries throughout the film, whether she’s sexually harassing an air Marshall or stealing French-beret wearing puppies from a wedding shower. However, once again, this category is all but spelled out for Octavia Spencer and her role in “The Help”. Their performances are similar in adding life to and comedic elements to both films, but “The Help” being nominated for Best Picture sells the win for Spencer much more than it does for McCarthy.

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