Less of a documentary and more of an “in memoriam” for Pina Bausch, a German modern dancer and choreographer, “Pina” uses the cameras and a documentary-like feel as a giant stage to exhibit the modern dance techniques that were taught by the late Pina Bausch. There are small interviews (more like meditations) on different dancers’ experiences with Pina and what they learned from her besides the art of modern dance.

Though “Pina” is different enough to catch some eyes during voting time, it might just be too different for Academy members to vote for. Most documentaries that tend to win focus on issues of our time and shed light on current topics (i.e. “The Inside Job” last year and “The Cove” the prior year). “Pina” lacks that investigative quality and though it opens up the world of dance to an audience that has probably never experienced it before, it also alienates those that have absolutely no interest in the art. “Pina” does appear to have had the widest release of any of the films and, therefore, was probably seen by more audiences, but I don’t think that will be enough to save it come Oscar time.

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