At this point in the season, it is fairly clear what will be take certain awards, based on how well it’s done in other ceremonies and based simply on whether or not there is still buzz towards a certain film in any given category. “A Separation” has been a clear pick for Best Foreign Language Film from the start of the season, taking most critics awards nationwide, along with the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. Though you can never count out certain films, “A Separation” will probably bring Iran an Academy Award.

Depicting a couple going through a divorce, the entire film revolves around the man, Nader, taking care of his father who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Amongst this story, Nader is accused of causing his house-keeper a miscarriage and the rest of the film deals with this issue, all while Simin, the wife, continues to try and get custody of their daughter, Termeh. Though the story is rather basic, the twists and turns throughout the film make this low budget, foreign film rather entertaining to watch.

Since “A Separation” will most likely win Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars, it wouldn’t be such a stretch to see it win Best Original Screenplay as well. There definitely is strong writing in the film and much like the winner of Best Picture taking certain awards, if “A Separation” wins, its screenplay win can also be justified. However, with Woody Allen circling to win with “Midnight In Paris” and “The Artist” still a clear competitor, with Best Picture in its grasps, “A Separation” does have an uphill battle to win the award and though I really don’t see this happening, it would definitely make things interesting at this year’s ceremony.

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