As much as I loved this film, I just do not see it beating out “The Artist”. Though it is positioned just right to win the Best Picture category, with all the major awards at its fingertips (Best Directing, Best Actor in a Leading Role, and Best Adapted Screenplay) if any film were to upset “The Artist” it would either be this or “Hugo”.

The more films I see this year, the more I am convinced that “The Artist” is overrated. And as I hope for a film to present itself as a huge threat for “The Artist”, nothing seems to be at that level (granted I have yet to see “Hugo”). If “The Descendants” were to win Screenplay and Leading Actor, it could have a strong chance, and really it would come down to Best Directing. Remember, it did win two Golden Globe awards, one for Best Picture-Drama (as did “The Artist”).

Following the Writers Guild Awards (which are currently taking place), we will have a clear idea of what the Guild believes are the best screenplays of the year. That being said, “The Descendants” is a clear winner in this category. With “Hugo” remaining its only big competition, this category could definitely decide the upset between “The Artist” and “The Descendants”.

Alexander Payne has won Oscar gold before with his Adapted Screenplay for “Sideways”. Though many thought his screenplay for “About Schmidt” should be nominated, it never did see the Oscars that year. Another note to consider is that this screenplay did not win at the Golden Globes (though I never place much weight on that awards ceremony).

Without going into a long, drawn out explanation of my feelings on this one, “The Descendants” has fine editing, but I feel like a much more edit-heavy film like “Hugo” will probably take this award.

In the top three directors to be accepting this award this year, this category really hinges on what will win the Best Picture award. If “The Artist” remains the clear pick by Oscar night, then expect Michel Hazanvicius to win this award. But if “Hugo” or “The Descendants” can pull through then Scorsese or Payne could definitely get their name called as well.

George Clooney won just about every award he could for this performance this year. Then why is the much less awarded Jean Dujardin being placed in front of Clooney as the clear winner? Clooney has an award for Best Supporting Actor from his work in the film “Syriana”. And most people feel he has all the awards that he needs. But I believe him to be the clear frontrunner for this award and will probably stick to that regardless of how much the masses believe Dujardin will pull through. Yes, a silent picture is harder to pull off but it comes off more gimmicky than true talent. Clooney is often regarded as “a sure-thing”. His performances are steadily good and therefore people place a weighted degree on them.

Though I won’t be at all surprised if Dujardin wins come Oscar night, I feel Clooney delivers a more subtle and therefore more deserving performance and I feel many others will see it that way too.

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