With as good a film that “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two” is, it deserved much more than just the three nominations it received this year at the Oscars. The franchise has been nominated 12 times throughout the years and has never won a single award. Aside from that, in wanting it to be honored this year, I am hoping it can pull off some wins this year. That being said, its art direction is superb. However compared to films that look to win most of the awards come Oscar night like “The Artist” and “Hugo”, “Harry Potter” could unfortunately get shut out of this category.

I truly hope “Harry Potter” is able to win this award. Up against “The Iron Lady”, which was not a great film at all and “Albert Nobbs”, which did not rely on makeup enough to deem it award-worthy, the clear choice to me is “Harry Potter”. With most the makeup work going to Voldemort and his prosthetic face, as well as the constant battle-worn faces of all the characters throughout the film, the makeup team on this film had to be extensive. The other two films nominated this award do not even compare and a win in this category would be much deserved for the final installment of “Harry Potter”.

Word has it that the Best Visual Effects award will go to “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and though it is hard for me to complain about that, “Harry Potter” really does deserve some recognition with the stunning visual work that is done. Though “Planet of the Apes” uses motion capture to basically bring apes to life, “Harry Potter” finds a way to blend the realms of fake and reality, bringing to life the spells that shoot out of wands with seamless ease. The dome that is placed around Hogwarts is also a stunning achievement that leaves a lasting impression following the conclusion of the film. I believe the Visual Effects race will come down to these two films, and even though both deserve it, it really will come down to who the Academy deems more worthy of this year’s recognition.

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