TO ROME WITH LOVE / It’s that time of year again. Time for the annual Woody Allen film to start its marketing. If you look through Allen’s filmography, however, it’s easy to notice a pattern of his really great work skipping a few years. For example, most recently, Midnight In Paris was a phenomenal success, but his two films the two years prior (Whatever Works (2009) and You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger (2010)) were not so successful. Then you reach 2008 with Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which was, again, considered a success. Continue down that road and it isn’t until 2005-2006 (Match Point and Scoop) that you get anything close to a win from Allen. But To Rome With Love looks to break that streak.

Penelope Cruz returns in this film looking absolutely gorgeous and carrying most of the funny dialogue in the trailer. As one of Woody Allen’s muses, she will definitely have a significant role in the film. Why Woody Allen and Jesse Eisenberg have not collaborated before this film, I will never know. Eisenberg carries the same sort of stiff, comedic aspects as Allen and will almost definitely be channeling that through his performance. Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page both join the cast, and brilliantly so, as both carry the signature Woody Allen demeanor. To Rome With Love also marks a return to the screen from Woody Allen himself.

With a tentative release date of June 22, this definitely an unorthodox summer film I will be looking forward to and which will probably mark my first theatrical Woody Allen venture.

Expect To See It: June 22nd, 2012

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